Let’s Play: The Sims 4 Gameplay – Part 1- Lesbian Lovers!

Welcome To Let’s Play: The Sims 4 Gameplay Part 1 Sasha Pierce and Caroline Crosby are lesbian lovers vacationing at an outdoor retreat to try to bring there relationship to the next level!…
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18 comments to Let’s Play: The Sims 4 Gameplay – Part 1- Lesbian Lovers!

  • SimsAtmosphere  says:

    Enjoy and please comment and rate! also if youd like me to do a tomb raider
    2013 let’s play go to my twitter https://twitter.com/SimsAtmopshere?lang=en
    and favorite the tomb raider post! :) and follow

  • Jymm  says:

    I wonder if you accidentally made them sisters?

  • ThatGuyWithAVest  says:

    0:45 I love the way she came out… Lol, pun intended? :D 

  • Angharad Irvine  says:


  • Kristopherson X  says:

    Can’t believe you have to have a mod in place for romantic interactions
    between same sex sim couples. Wtf is that?! Broke my laptop so I haven’t
    even BEGUN to play the amazingness that is ts4 but that really stopped me
    in my tracks right there! Instant — points to EA for that if that is the
    case. Haven’t been able to play it on my own yet so I hope they fix it
    because that has never been an issue with the sims in the past

  • Darene Ford  says:

    They so cute together .I think you make them sister instead of room mates
    or wife.

  • Morgan Smith  says:

    +SimsAtmosphere when you bought the tent i was yelling in my head “you have
    a bed in the cabin you don’t need a tent”

  • SimsAtmosphere  says:
  • Angel  says:

    check if one of them are a teen

  • vumilia malenga  says:

    What i would love to happened is the pink girl getting a new jobs. And they
    all gotta be happy i don’t want them to lose their lifes because of
    boyfriends no boys. They have to stay together:)

  • Crazii Laura  says:

    How much is this pack in England??

  • Haidy Ebanks  says:

    5th comment

  • BMRproductionsX  says:

    Check if they are sisters

  • lsmaassable  says:

    They look like Phoebe and Monica.

  • KrissySimmer  says:

    Aww they are cute together

  • Emily Darring The sim  says:

    My name is Sasha 

  • Rebecca Helstrip  says:

    i think they have to be hopeless romantic to have some romantic interests

  • KraKraUnicorns  says:

    +SimsAtmosphere There is a mod for lesbians and gays

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