Lesbians who date [Trans]men

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Gay Aunt Barbara makes a special appearance on this week’s Cooking With Lesbians! MERCH: http://thegaywomenchannel.spreadshirt.com/ Facebook: https://www.fac…
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26 comments to Lesbians who date [Trans]men

  • Dingoslash  says:

    ohh as tall as lions! nice :p Good video dude I think you summed this stuff
    up really well.

  • PaperWaves453  says:

    Adrianna’s face at 7:40 is priceless.

  • Emma Horvath  says:

    My mom kept asking what I was watching cuz I was cracking up so much.

  • BooksMusicMe17  says:

    Gay Aunt Barb is the best part of this entire channel. Also, this is the
    first of the cooking videos to genuinely make me hungry.

  • Sumithri Venketasubramanian  says:

    I would love to see the bloopers of these cooking with lesbians videos

  • bloodyhetza  says:

    Cómo chingadas madres no se rieron hasta orinarse

  • gemzroxya  says:

    Love Gay Aunt Barbara!! 

  • yugao23  says:

    my life is complete

  • MotherKojiro  says:

    Huh. In the US, “melon” has a very different sexual connotation.

  • KayleighMorganMusic  says:

    Gay Aunt Barbara is my spirit animal.

  • Artsy Witch  says:

    I said “Oh my god!” and started laughing once I saw Aunt Barb come out. As
    soon as she opened her mouth! Lmfao :D 

  • Grégory  says:

    When is Jeannie going to make an appearance?

  • Rebecca Regan  says:

    Bon appeTIT

  • BriVongola13  says:

    Can we get a bloopers video? Please?

  • pleaseusernamework  says:

    Gay Auntie B is Nasty! Best B-day video ever! Tnx girls ;) 

  • Brittany Hammington  says:

    Is it weird that I got a bit turned on O_O

  • Danielle lee  says:

    I’m not even sure how it was possible for you two to do this video without
    hysterically laughing haha

  • Chris Paans  says:

    Adriana’s face when Barb said they had a squirter! Hahaha! I will never
    look at a melon the same way again…

  • greenmarker567  says:

    No wonder I eat melons all the time! :-) 

  • Mélanie Thibault  says:

    We still talking about melons right? Hahahahahahaha xD

  • Crystal Westman  says:

    I love every video by the GW channel, but watching these two cut melons is
    stressing me out…lemme at it.

  • Lella Rainbo  says:

    I’m literally crying with laughter!!! OMG I love gay aunt Barbara!! 

  • Mariana Razo Bretón Mora  says:

    OMG!!! This was a touch of genious!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

  • bani banerjee  says:

    LOL!!! My bro just asked me “Why are u laughing so much… these two are
    just cutting melons” i almost pissed my pants laughing….. I won’t be able
    to look at melon the same way EVER!!! HAHAHAH!!!

  • Jailyn Marshall  says:

    Why did aunt barb go from wise old woman to barack obama?

  • Karen A  says:

    Gay aunt Barbara is hot af

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