Lesbian Web series – Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 1

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25 comments to Lesbian Web series – Til Lease Do Us Part Episode 1

  • Mona A  says:

    wait was this whole thing in one take?

  • GirlfriendsTV  says:

    That opening shot tho. :D 

  • Renslow jesépaqwa  says:

    For a minute i was like OMG! she is cheating with the neighbor!

  • Stevie And Sarah  says:


  • cantcontrolthegay  says:

    The only bad thing about this is that I can’t watch the whole series in two
    days like oitnb

  • Sarah Holmwood  says:

    - I lo… fuck. Shit! Sorry.

  • The PNT Tv Network  says:

    The phone totally got me, ROMFBL!

  • simpleoldme28  says:

    I mean this is really stupid and yet I can’t help myself laughing. Like
    it’s been 26 seconds…lol!!!

  • wait4oneS  says:

    Me too. Still use hotmail for junkie mails. Their speaking tones are just
    so Adrianna. I think I can imagine when Adrianna speak like this. Calm
    intelligent side vs sensitive dramatic personality. Lol.

  • 5hfangirl  says:

    So i was browsing for Lesbian series & this was my 1st time watching this &
    i loved it :) i totally thought she was talking to another girl when she
    was on the phone lol i laughed @ that part ‘its been 26 secs’ guess that
    shows when ur in a relationship one min ur fighting or trying to avoid each
    other, then the next u miss that person lol on to the next episode/clip! 

  • elusive jauregui  says:

    Anyone else happy to finally get a “house tour”? Lol

  • Kippy Yoshi  says:

    Yo thats a nice ass house

  • Sarah Holmwood  says:

    Uhm so, 2 broke girls go lesbian? hahaahahahahahahahahaha

  • Steph Miller  says:

    I know it mst be a stylistic choice to have no cuts in the sequence but I
    really don’t know if its working for you. Particularly the bit where the
    camera physically follows the coversations back and forth, the delay feels
    a little unnatural. Congrats to your actors pulling off a sequence that
    long without cuts, you must have had to block the scene so many times to
    get it perfect. But yeh I would just suggest some more cuts, still wouldn’t
    break the artistic style your going for and you dont need more than one
    camera to achieve it either, just with such a short time frame slow spots
    lose your audience. Just my advice!

  • Natasha Droff  says:

    0.50 I love that yellow tank!! i got 3 in my closet, that is Thai alphabet
    means Chang beer!!

  • AlisonsVlogs  says:

    I thought I was gonna enjoy this, but the acting and camera work has put me
    right off ugh :/

  • camEEla caPLAYA  says:


  • I-Uan Sayampol  says:

    that Chang Beer t-shirt u put on …. cool!!! Now i know where u got that
    thing lolol.

  • Анастасия Левковская  says:

    Нихера на 19 секунде не поняла :С

  • ShadowCat  says:

    this looks so good!! yayy finally a web series like that.. want more * _ *

  • camEEla caPLAYA  says:


  • JenzaD  says:

    Impressing done in one shot. 

  • supattra chongpakdee  says:

    I’m Thai and I love ur shirt Beer Chang. 

  • Andromeda1493  says:

    hahaha wtf awesome

  • Ruth Ortega  says:

    Oh my dear god I LOVE THIS its dramatic, emotional, and humorous all at the
    same time you are geniuses.

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