Lesbian true love (french)

Apolline et Anaïs – 13.10.2013.
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26 comments to Lesbian true love (french)

  • Apolline Perlein  says:
  • Travis and Judith  says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone, We love you all, we sincerely do,
    we aren’t just saying we do… and we are so blessed to have 5000 people
    supporting us! we hope to do more for you guys to give back what you’ve
    given to us <3

  • mrtadreamer  says:

    Where is Judith from? The accent?

  • Anna Schofield  says:

    Did you two ever consider doing counseling for young couples at church?
    You are such an inspiration and I think a lot of people can learn from
    you! You amaze me! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you
    two grow! Huggzzz from Ohio!

  • Fairytale yourphoto  says:

    new subie! You guys are the cutest couple! 

  • sassarific  says:

    y’all are the sweetest & cutest! I’m inspired by the fact that you all met
    online. I used to online dating religiously & have since taken a hiatus to
    focus on what God wants for me & strengthening my relationship with Him.
    You all have shown me love is possible especially an evenly yolked love.
    Thanks :) God Bless y’all!

  • thatso cece  says:

    Nigerians in the house!

  • DeLinda Williams  says:

    Travis, what happened to your face, is it sunburn?

  • betty joggs  says:

    Loved it. 

  • happynappyable  says:

    Judith, you are gorgeous! and you guys are a cute couple ;) 

  • Jesusislove150  says:

    loved the video! thank you for sharing with us, I think many will benefit
    from it. May the Lord bless you! I really like what Travis did with the
    new software by the way

  • Kita Hill  says:

    aww i hope one day God will put the right person in my life. You guys are
    inspiration to young couples and interracial couples as well. Love you guys
    Be Bless

  • DeLinda Williams  says:

    You two are so cute. My fiancé it’s from Ghana. He is my best friend that
    was supporting me through two other engagements and he always told me to
    pray for God to let me know what to do. It was crazy how we became more
    than friends, but we have no regrets. Years later and we keep greeting
    closer. We are totally ourselves, we hide nothing from each other. The
    truth is what ties us together and trust. No matter what others say, at the
    end of the day it’s just the two of you and God. So keep loving each other.
    God bless.

  • Travis and Judith  says:

    A video done to tell you guys how we me #howwemet #cutecouple #onlinedating

  • Thomas Ward  says:

    Dude you are lucky, your wife loves and adores you…

  • Marlie Doolittle  says:

    So nice to see young Christians saving themselves for marriage as
    instructed to by the bible. Good for you.

  • Queenette Jenkinson  says:

    Amazing! I am also biracial couple ( my husband and child pictured here)
    and Christian touched so much by your video. I hope your video reaches
    anyone in the dating scene now getting discouraged

  • michkat0  says:

    I have to admit, you two are the most interesting couples I have seen on
    YouTube. It makes me want to keep watching more and more of your videos
    (literally) but of course, perhaps I’ve also learnt something that I will
    do someday, who knows, telling the other half could break or make the
    relationship. I gotta say, both you are an inspiration (literally) and
    strangely enough, I’m learning from both of you. I may on an odd occasion
    may be pretty mean (unintentionally) on comments since I sometimes see
    things differently but either way, I gotta recommend people to watch your
    videos. Very heart warming. #heartwarming #beautiful 

  • cupidlace  says:

    you guys are so cute.. God has truly blessed you..

  • Belva Haney  says:

    Awwwww!! ADORABLE :-) Bless you both!

  • lovesynergy1  says:

    You guys are too cuuutteee! Great couple! 

  • Mercy Cutie  says:

    Sooo cute travis n Judith. .that was cool tho travis :) 

  • rashida washington  says:

    First let me say I love you both lol but Judith could you please slow down
    when you talking because it’s hard to understand you when you talk so fast
    an have a accent lol don’t take it wrong, I just want to understand you lol :) 

  • kachigoesrawr  says:

    Cutest couple eva!!!!!! Eiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!
    And the intro is awesome Travis!!!
    And Judith, you have the cutest laugh ever!! Idk if you’ll read this but I
    just had to say it! Never stop laughing!!!

  • sandra ofulue  says:

    Judith <3,you have won me over…you guys are really cute!congratulations

  • nene styles  says:

    when will the video about how travis became and christian what happened

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