Lesbian Summer Fashion – Pillow Talk

Lesbian Summer Fashion  - Pillow Talk

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25 comments to Lesbian Summer Fashion – Pillow Talk

  • Lily Diver  says:

    Sarah, can you please tone down the attractiveness? It’s distracting me!
    Love every lesbian on the internet. 

  • Ellie G  says:

    Sarah’s shirt is life though

  • Amanda Lind Wahlén  says:

    If you wear a hoodie with the sleeves pushed up, thats pretty gay (at least
    thats what id like to think)

  • GayLaura  says:

    There is actually a clothing line for lesbians with lesbian models…
    http://www.njulezz.com …You’re welcome. xD

  • EminEmily  says:

    It’s funny, because I don’t like snapbacks, I love beanies, and I’m sooo
    not straight.

  • Erin Horsley  says:

    “If you look straight, you make anything look straight, but if you look
    gay, you’ll make anything look gay.” Okay, great. That cleared it up xD

  • seniorsunshine11  says:

    But I prefer beanies over snapbacks lol. Snapbacks just don’t look right on
    me and beanies are so much more comfortable. 

  • Clara Pagett  says:

    We really need a universal code, i saw coloured wrist bands the other day
    but i don’t know,

    I’m single and don’t get out sociallising enough but it would be nice if i
    could have something that said to other lesbians “I’m Lesbian and Single”

  • Katy Rose Doherty  says:

    I may be bi but I refuse to wear my snapbacks backwards :p

  • farfaraway222  says:

    Hahah I look like a straight girl… So when I want to look more gay I put
    a hat on! 

  • Monica Martin  says:

    I dont wear beanies or snapbacks. Hats dont look good on me. HAVE I FAILED

  • Chilapa of the Amazons  says:

    After all this time I still miss the good old hole in the wall…

    Any chance that you guys could drill a new one?

  • jollie Park  says:

    the struggles of looking like a straight girl tho, other girls just think
    im being nice when im hitting on them

  • angel_time  says:

    sarah, why do you let adrianna be so down on herself?! she’s beautiful- let
    her know!

  • I'm Kai  says:

    Well I’m Bi, so that means I wear dresses with a bowtie, sometimes a fedora
    when I’m feeling fancy.~ …. #sexualityisnotastyle

  • MrFullkick  says:

    Stupid lesbian talks

  • JulietTony10  says:

    my wardrobe is pretty basic. i dont like anything really fancy, no
    dresses, no skirts. Hats are deff my thing. always have a beanie on in the
    winter and a snapback in the summer mostly because im lazy with my hair but
    it works out nicely to make me look a little gayer lol

  • cookiekennedy  says:

    Lesbian summer fashion = plaid shirts with rolled up sleeves.

  • Grace Booth  says:

    Asexuals still have a romantic orientation and might want a romantic
    relationship, its asexual aromantics that don’t want none. And for the
    record I’m asexual and my fine collection of hats look fabulous on me
    backwards 0_0

  • Vanessa O Brien  says:

    pansexuals wear all the hats

  • johannaaight  says:

    Lesbos will wear shorts that cover the knees.

  • KoalaZed  says:


  • MathleteLA  says:

    Why you always hatin’ on math??! Though you redeemed yourselves by
    discussing probabilities. Assuming a uniform sample space, if 10% of the
    world’s population is gay, then the probability of being a gay female would
    be (1/2)(1/10) = 0.05. So, if there are 50 people in a park, (0.05)(50)=
    2.5 of them should be gay women. The trend also seems to be that younger
    people are more likely to identify as LGBT than older people, and is there
    really any study where 10% identify as LGBT?

    Sarah as for “what percent of a chance do I have with any of these
    people?,” for you, I would guess you have a 90% with any of the 2.5 gay
    ladies from the park and, assuming independent events, Adrianna gets the
    other 10% chance ;) (non-independent events would imply “Jenga” is
    happening.) However, to actually determine this, you’d have to set up an
    experiment with n-trials. Then, you take n to be “really large” and you’ll
    be able to determine the probability distribution…. new Pillow Talk idea…
    “experiment in the park with gay ladies”… wait, that sounds bad, maybe if
    you also say it’s “for science,” it might help!

  • Leila Jafar  says:

    I am conveniently one of the lesbians that look like a straight girl

  • Christopher TabTab  says:

    !!!IMPORTANT!!! Will the movie be on the YouTube channel or like is it
    gonna be official DVD

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