Lesbian Stud to Straight Female after 12 yrs Pt.3

Lesbian Stud to Straight Female after 12 yrs Pt.3

My Testimony. (Tina), Charrisse, Big Red, Alecia (Job Corp)
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Love and Attraction : How to Find a Lesbian Girlfriend

There are several different factors to take into consideration before you begin your search for a girlfriend. Seek the one you love with help from an experie…
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25 comments to Lesbian Stud to Straight Female after 12 yrs Pt.3

  • Iona Smith  says:

    Why would u even want to be a lez I am 11 

  • Hector Ayala Solivan  says:

    you’re*, you idiot

  • steph11555  says:

    Holaa soy lesbiana si estan interesados mandenme mensagess :)

  • OMIGARA  says:

    So theres a girl and i think shes into me but i dont want to ask cuz im not
    sure shes a les. She older and is always telling me things like ‘you’re
    adorable’ and ‘you’re so cute.’ Its confusing.

  • cherubicnerd  says:

    her voice is soothing. helpful video too!

  • KibaAkamaruForever  says:

    Im 13 –14 in September– Just keep looking, good luck!

  • TheYuriDragon  says:

    My name is Brittany, I’m 21, lesbian, and want a woman to call my girl or
    wife. Add me on facebook.

  • Numie09  says:

    Come to the UK plenty over here

  • nadeesha gayani  says:

    hi i like some lesbean girl friend tzx me email maheshi2882@hotmail.com

  • Jessie Lynch  says:

    And I’m 13

  • piyushi dubey  says:


  • Laura Morse  says:

    so am i lol

  • Yaycest  says:

    i can’t believe my life has came to this

  • Rebekah Zavage  says:

    I basically give up on anyone ever liking me tbh. Single for too long, I
    guess. But thanks for making this video<3 It helps

  • Waticious7  says:

    Wnt 2 tok 2 a lesbian gal, interestd cal m on 9592222/email m on

  • YenusV  says:


  • angela alita  says:

    If you are a relative of Lev Landau then , hey you are from Baku!

  • Laura Haro  says:

    i spent all my life being homeschooled and i barely started college.. i am
    having such trouble finding a lesbian girlfriend… i feel like i’ll never
    find someone :( . Im tired of those lesbian sites… theyre a waste of
    time..please help me someone u.u

  • TweenBeauty123  says:

    What about for 12 yr olds

  • Jenefer Noctorn  says:

    21 y old n searching for a lesbian, on fb acc name Jenefer Noctorn

  • blesly santos  says:

    hey i am a lesbian i want a girlfriend did you want to be my girl???……

  • Natalia Safarova  says:

    Thank you for this vid.

  • Jessie Lynch  says:

    If your looking for a girlfriend girl look me up but you must 14 so look me
    up at Facebook as saige Lopez and before make sure to text me on my
    Facebook and let me know who you are

  • Anjan Mahawar  says:

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  • Allison Love  says:


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