LESBIAN! Rave Symone Is GAY, Comes OUT THE CLOSET with GIRLFRIEND Azmarie Livingston!! (OMG!!)

BREAKING NEWS: LESBIAN! Little RAVEN SYMONE IS GAY, Comes OUT THE CLOSET via TWITTER!! (OMG)Raven-Symoné’s Gay Marriage Tweet Explained: Star Not Getting Mar…
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25 comments to LESBIAN! Rave Symone Is GAY, Comes OUT THE CLOSET with GIRLFRIEND Azmarie Livingston!! (OMG!!)

  • dmect2207  says:

    It’s not “came out the closet”, It’s “came out OF the closet. And it’s not
    “when she was axed about gay marriage”, it’s “when she was ASKED about gay
    marriage”. You want to be taken seriously then speak English and don’t be
    so ignorant.

  • sharna-kay Fearon  says:

    bitch they pay u to do this shit, like how much???????!!!!!!!!!

  • dmect2207  says:

    I don’t care about coming across as an asshole. I hate it when people don’t
    take the time to use proper english.

  • James Mezilien  says:

    girl ur wearing the signs of the illuminati 

  • Shyan Thomas  says:

    Dats rude black is beauty 

  • PaulGreen11  says:

    I hate clicking on a post just to see a 4 minute Talking Head! Damn.

  • Monica Marie  says:

    Instead of praying for gays to covert to straight…maybe you guys should
    be praying for the end of hunger, the homless, for peace and well being for
    all of gods children. I have a alot of gay friends, and let me tell you,
    they are not judgemental or hateful towards others despite all of the hate
    they receive. Being gay is not the worlds biggest problem, people like you
    are. All they want is to be accepted and to love the person they choose and
    all you do is stomp on them and make them feel so low. I’m glad that
    they’re finally coming out and being proud, no one should tell you who to
    be, who to love or judge you. Love thy neighbor people, love thy
    neighbor…even if they’re gay.

  • latanya lawson  says:

    Take her of your cover its only u talking smh

  • Yohana navarro  says:

    True Raven fans stick with her and accept her for who she is!!! idgaf i
    still love her

  • jourdyn jenkins  says:

    i dont care if she is lesbian or not i love raven symone PERIOD….

  • Jackline Nzisa  says:

    that statement can not make u say that Raven is gay , stop giving us crab ,
    u just took her litteraly

  • Roquelle Mcquay  says:


  • Dezire Herring  says:

    Raven you need to produce thats so raven i love that show i used to watch
    ur shows when i was little u need to put it back on

  • iDayDreamer  says:

    She’s still a wonderful person not matter what. I’m married to the same
    gender. I’m also a female. 

  • Yaya Jones  says:

    That’s not true is it ?

  • Dezire Herring  says:

    You do the most go back to ur old self nasty yup i said

  • david decker  says:

    i love gays and god dont control if ur a gay or not its the peron if he or
    she wants to be gay thats all im saying if u love god thats fine with me
    but me no im dont like him or his little stories 

  • Sambria Dunbar  says:

    I agree with it but god can judge us we got to change us not him us but we
    just can’t let go of lov it is strong

  • 75lexluther  says:

    bill cosby will not approve

  • Brittney Casey  says:

    I guess

  • nichala nick  says:

    canefu you are the dark ages. the dark ages is for the devil. I am for the
    high power and you cannot knock me down cause I will get up. I pray for you
    and people like you all the time. if there is no god why are you on earth.
    by magic?,??? not.

  • nichala nick  says:

    canefu you are a fool for not believing in god. I will continue to
    worship.him and praise. it is true that there are non believers wow. you
    are on of them. alleluiah.

  • Dezire Herring  says:

    Whos dating raven symone

  • azjah johnson  says:

    i dont like raven anymore she can do so much better

  • tammy hart  says:

    if she dont have a problem with it then fine dont chang it own it be proud
    of it who u really are but all im saying are u the girl in the relationship
    or the boy cause if u the girl then why u go want someone that looks like a
    boy u mighta well get a boy like i said idk if its true or nah but all i
    know i cant belive that she camed out the closet like theysay dont judge a
    book bye its color

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