Lesbian Parents: Christina And Karina’s Story

Love Comes First: Creating LGBT Families Learn more at: http://lovecomesfirst.com.

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29 comments to Lesbian Parents: Christina And Karina’s Story

  • Keke's Life  says:

    I just subscribed it’s a wonderful channel as a lesbian loved this YouTube
    channel keep doing what you’re doing !

  • strassenfeger  says:

    great story and beautiful family, I hope everything works out fine for you

  • LISA ANN  says:

    I cant wait till God cleans all this filth up. Hurry up GOD!!! 4 blood
    moons. google it.

  • Rezan Fauzan  says:

    that is so wrong

  • stephen schafer  says:

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  • Matthew Kirkpatrick  says:

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  • John Lindsay  says:

    I see what he did around 9:40 … 9 months in the future… Because in 9
    months after sex, a baby is born, like re-birth! A New Him!

    is that what he could have meant? (or did i just make it something

  • noahs core  says:

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  • funnyguy0476  says:

    The guy who said he was depressed seemed more to be having an existential
    crisis. Not that they’re mutually exclusive.

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  • Lucas Risebrow  says:

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  • Jayhawkmiles  says:

    Woody, is your brothers name Mark?

  • Andrew M.  says:

    We all have guy #2 inside of us?

  • Ceon Lincoln  says:

    Just to help woody i think you should tell him if your partner is a virgin
    too. The answer can be different depending on if your partners was/is
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  • XxHALOxX425  says:


  • zak Bothel  says:

    dear woody,

  • Aroze ColorS  says:

    Only reason I can handle mondays thx for being such a great person woody

  • Austin Iverson  says:

    haha we all have guy #2 inside of us

  • Apollo BillMaker  says:


  • Pat McGroin  says:

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  • ghostrileyx  says:

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  • 2011mustang5040  says:

    This is the reason why youtube is amazing!

  • Spenser Hicks  says:

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  • ARKSH7R  says:

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  • iFuZiiOnZTuts  says:

    Because of school … If the week-end could last months and months i would
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  • generaldawg016  says:

    The first letter said “my dad died twenty minutes ago” ok fair enough but
    then he says “my mum walks into my room 30minutes ago” ? So your mum
    predicted his death ?

  • splinage  says:

    In my comment i did not refer to the importance of the loss of one’s
    virginity. You’re saying i’m a joke of a person when really you are the one
    looking for an argument over the internet. lol

  • Bisquickk  says:

    Did you go to school?

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