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I Think I May Be Lesbian

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  • ForeverAugust Adore  says:

    Yes go on.Because that’s almost every race.Maybe except people from
    China.The rest of the world is fucked up.Not just Black people and not just
    White people.

  • Chloe Thompson  says:

    I’m tired of all these penis’s and sausages and mushrooms!
    Hahahahahahahahaha so funny

  • Skye Catcher  says:

    The thing that you feed is the thing that will grow. Where is your focus?
    If you are constantly focusing on the bad things in your life you are bound
    to become depressed. If your focus is on how hungry you are instead of
    working out or hobbies or good works in your community you will eventually
    become overweight. If your focus on deviant behavior goes beyond curiosity
    you will eventually develop deviant tendencies. Note I do not define
    deviant behavior. It’s in the eye/mind of the pervert.

  • YooMartian Twittah  says:

    He just had to be wearing pink in this video xD hahahahaha

  • RamzaBeoulve02  says:

    Hell no. I like vagina. The vag. Pussy. Muffs. Milfs. HAIRY MUFFS.
    Buns&Thighs. Slit. (or as they call it) SUGA WALLS! However you wanna say
    it, that is NOT something that most people experience. Maybe perhaps most
    women, since they are always spending time looking at fingers for rings,
    comparing breast, butt, face, and body, not to mention clothes with each
    other constantly and almost instinctually. Us guys don’t look at each
    other’s meat to see who’s better, unless we’re gay.

  • Awesomenizzleness  says:

    you would know because I bet you suck on your own grandma’s tit your mom
    forced you off hers so you got on your grandmas and everytime you smile it
    looks like you ate some damn baby powder bitch

  • Nate Graves  says:

    “Sometimes… Twice a day” HAHA

  • lovatigino  says:

    Bye 30 seconds..lol

  • AK33M  says:

    Nature vs. Nurture…

  • MikeIllusion92  says:

    Hey man, I got ya email. My baby brothers gonna read it to everybody, he’s
    gonna keep it anonymous he aint gonna say no

  • Raekella Bella  says:

    That’s what I learn in my human sexuality class, but to each is own as

  • blacmoor  says:

    Called him baby brother yet their twins

  • nini9012  says:

    I was looking through the comments and yours seems like the only
    enlightened statement here. People don’t seem to understand sexuality very
    well. I mean, I’m a lesbian and sometimes I like watching gay male porn.
    Does that mean I want to get it on with two dudes…no it doesn’t.

  • gabsylv  says:

    What? Chinese people are no less or more racist than any other
    country.Koreans are perhaps the most racist in East Asia.

  • AK33M  says:

    It has nothing to do with skin color dude. The way people act is based on
    their environment. If a white kid grew up around a bunch of
    black/white/latino/russian thugs, he would more than likely be aggressive
    at least. He may even become a thug. If a black kid grew up around and
    bunch of preppy white/black/latino/russian nerds, then he too, would become
    preppy at the very least. People imitate their surroundings. To answer all
    of your questions: Their environment. How old are you? 17? 16?

  • ForeverAugust Adore  says:

    How? Nope I’m one of those annoying bitches.I irritate racist motherfuckers
    trolls for messing with other people.So just by you getting all hyped up
    and angry makes me want to keep pushing buttons.Byyyyyyyyeeeeeee
    bbbbyyyyyeeeeee babe

  • mynameisscanty  says:

    Exactly. Thank you for understanding my point. Sexuality is a spectrum
    people – remember that!

  • Ramon S  says:


  • ForeverAugust Adore  says:

    I wasn’t talking about them being racist.I was talking about violence.Sooo

  • Imogen Pague  says:

    This couldn’t be more wrong. Just because you are turned on by girls does
    not mean you are bi. Eventhough it may sound like it sexuality is not just
    about sex.

  • goose1077  says:

    He wouldn’t hate it if you let him get with the same girls you are getting

  • Cayla Cay  says:

    kevin is the oldest?! who would’ve thought…

  • Dreampoetry21  says:

    Me and Keith share the same view: you are born gay or lesbian. No such
    thing as you turned bi or gay.

  • Noe Oneh  says:

    “you been gay infected” haha

  • Silverback  says:

    2:41 keith ”lets say i like looking at gay porn” 2:45 kevin’s face =
    fucking priceless

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