Lesbian Issues |OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO| By – Hart

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25 comments to Lesbian Issues |OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO| By – Hart

  • Caroline Klein  says:

    I have the same bike as u. Omg. Only I took off all the stickers so it
    looks cooler

  • Lesli Boucher  says:

    Im dying plus i love her

    Lesbian Issues |OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO| By – Hart: http://youtu.be/TRZzUynYh3Y

  • Piper Meow  says:

    This is my favorite thing ever. Holy shit.

  • Melissa Calderon  says:

    That’s the jam right there! Nice beat 2! :-) 

  • carmen landry  says:

    I am not lesbian or trans but I still get the point. thumbs up

  • Kellie Jankowski  says:

    This is the best video ever. Its so true!!! I’ve probably watched this
    video like 300 times… I love you Hart!

  • SylvanaForrester  says:

    This is great! I saw you on Arielle’s channel but this is the first time
    I’ve seen one of your vids and I LOVE it. You’re a natural talent. Wishing
    you much success.

  • Ana Maria  says:

    L word actually sucked big time. Besides few exceptions, the rest just
    hoes, sleeping around and changing partners like socks. I can imagine how
    it may look like speaking with a friend, and saying you met someone and you
    realize thats your friends ex gf. Lame!

  • Michelle Anderson  says:

    all theses issues are so fucking true… we need to the turn the fuck

  • LittleLulubee  says:

    You’re so funny and I love the song. But I would like to make one
    criticism: What I always love about your videos is that you’re so
    open-minded, so non-judgmental, so mature and fair with your views on
    everything. That’s what makes you awesome. But at the beginning of this
    video, I didn’t like the way you were all sitting around gossiping and
    talking shit about other girls. That’s uncool. I know you were just kidding
    around for the sake of the video, but it still gave me a bad feeling. Girls
    should never be hating on eachother like that. That’s all. 

  • Cookie Monstaa  says:

    That “yeah” part though XDD

  • Lakisha Williams  says:

    Lesbian Issues |OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO| By – Hart: http://youtu.be/TRZzUynYh3Y

  • Michelle Anderson  says:
  • Brittany dagnino  says:

    OMFG!!!!! LOve it!

  • Amber Rosa  says:

    No but like do you really like the l word because I think it stinks after
    dana died.

  • Ashley Cook  says:

    Pat it pat it

  • mbr715  says:

    shooooo…. you young ones with all your patience… in MY day we could
    barely get to the second date.. and this was AFTER u-haul

  • Phette Hollins  says:

    Hilariously on point +hartbeat 

  • YouTube Freak  says:

    Everyone watch this music video

  • Jennifer Bohannon  says:

    Haha You got a new subscriber <3

  • Christina Cruz  says:

    Dude i live here! Hahaha

  • Persephone Moon High Priestess  says:

    This is so good! I liked this message. PAY ATTENTION YA’LL. Healthy love is
    what we all need just like everyone else.

  • emily gray  says:

    it really dose defind us ..with all the woman issus .. do u got one on
    how ur gf nag on ya lol if u do wear

  • Mariam Hassan  says:

    OMG u and Gabriel Iglesias should make a collab

  • CleanCutCarson  says:

    awesome vid. +hartbeat because I know this took a lot of hard work and it
    came out great. including the lighting and screens. this comes from another
    editor lol

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