Lesbian How To : Be a Proper Lady

The list of things ALL women, including lesbians, should know how to do. Please subscribe! New videos every Sunday! FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS…‬
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25 comments to Lesbian How To : Be a Proper Lady

  • sam hubenet  says:

    1. sometimes
    2. duh
    3. I probably can
    4. definitely
    5. no nope never GROSS
    6. probably not, but I can tie a tie :)
    7. no
    8. no
    9. I ALWAYS drag my feet
    10. duh
    11. NO I think that was convincing
    12. Rick Snyder and gay rights duh
    13. no

  • Emily Coates  says:

    I can speak french but I certainly can’t sew hahaha XD

  • Gizmos Monster  says:

    English is my second language, so i pass the last one o/

  • Mr. Broski  says:

    missed one, damn, I’m a guy.

  • Anavel Arthur  says:

    Ok, so I don’t identify myself with ANY gender and yet the only one I can’t
    do, is speak a third language (I speak 2 native languages) And I’m learning
    Korean… So.. Shit _ LOL! I could actually play a proper lady lol

  • Randy Wright  says:

    Lol I’d scream louder then you if you threw a spider on me

  • Secretkeeper250  says:

    I don’t even know the president’s name.

    And before you say anything, I don’t live in the U.S.

  • Randy Wright  says:

    Lol to estate my bonita ha ha

  • Climbing Ivy  says:

    I would say I’m like 2/3 of a proper lady…I know how speak Spanish
    though, no problem there. Lol!

  • Carlee Mason  says:

    Damn.. Why cant I be this funny.

  • Izaya Orihara  says:

    I can speak in English, Japanese and Polish fluently enough to give and
    receive instructions, also understand in Portuguese and a bit in Korean
    woohoo Imma lady. No? ok 

  • Randy Wright  says:


  • star blah  says:

    VOM! lmao

  • pearl rich  says:

    I can do anything

  • chris vojkufka  says:

    11/13 not bad 

  • Thierry le Blanc  says:

    Well, I think I pass on all counts, even outdoing most of them :/

  • roachie 87  says:

    oooh thank you

  • carolbuzelim  says:

    U r looking like a gay guy lol

  • itzmeherehi  says:

    Uh I fell in water

  • Alpha's_Asylum  says:

    At least 8 out of 13. I think that counts as a proper lady.

  • Lizbet Ibañez  says:

    I’m in love with your Spanish accent <3

  • SuperLexie101  says:

    Ha ha ha… I am a fairly butch lesbian but I can do all the above :P

  • jorbitv  says:

    Hey everyone. please check out JORBITV. just for a second lol please. more
    vids to com e soon. promise.

  • Linda Nixon  says:

    I can do almost all of those except speak a 2nd language I just know bits
    and pieces of a few other languages and am in the process of learning a 2nd
    language currently

  • Svanhildur Ósk  says:

    You are so cute!

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