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  • UnsolicitedProject  says:

    +syulesz lessy Amanda Bynes called, she wants her crazy back. 

  • UnsolicitedProject  says:

    A note to anyone that is confused by the term “fake lesbian” it is NOT a
    lesser lesbian, a “fake lesbian” is a straight girl.


  • AndrasDix  says:

    I have long manicured nails and I’m still lesbian :3

  • extrasagrada  says:

    oh, so that’s why lesbians hit on me…

  • jfrontier1  says:

    I think it is kinda cool when the fake gays wear the plaid and beanies. You
    know who you want to convert over to the lesbian side. 

  • cantcontrolthegay  says:

    I love this so much it hurts

  • Anna Eggers  says:

    ah the femme lesbian struggle. but yeah even though ive been “girlyish” my
    whole life i am still so drawn to beanines and plaid so there is always
    that tad bit of stereotype

  • DoomDoomRawr  says:

    I wear plaid shirts and leggings…and im a lesbian o.o

  • Elizabeth Kray  says:

    Adrianna, sorry Sarah!

  • kissuneagain  says:

    Oh my god I didn’t know I am a fake lesbian for all these years!! I wear
    plaid with leggings.

  • Butch Talk  says:

    “It’s called butch couture.” bahaha 

  • alexandra avenuee  says:


  • Powrtoch  says:

    I basically just live for Pillow Talk Mondays now.

  • 1234Tsukichan  says:

    Ugh I remember times when plaid shirts where still a lesbian thing and not
    a hipster thing ):

  • J bird  says:

    I’ve worn long plaid shirt with leggings before.

  • Iam kicken ass  says:

    I’m a lesbian and i wear dresses and feminine clothes and i never wear any
    of this shit so fuck u we are not fucking animals we don’t all look the
    fucking same fuck u dumb butches.

  • Jordann Kayleigh  says:

    *butch* lesbian fashion. I fucks with beanies and plaid but … army boots
    and cargo pants, never. SNEAKERS, and cut offs, yes… army boots and cargo
    pants, nope not in my closet. Just like me. 

  • aloha2302  says:

    army boots are gay?! well I learned something today

  • HeavensFallenPhoenix  says:

    I’m often told I look straight, and it’s rather awkward. I’m very open
    about my sexuality, and even though my parents aren’t at all supportive, I
    very openly talk about my girlfriend to my siblings (and recently my
    grandparents). I don’t know how to comfortably look gay without wearing the
    pride flag and throwing it in everyone’s face. I’m not super girly. I wear
    Tripp jeans and band tees usually. Yet I look straight? Do I really have to
    look like a stereotypical lesbian for them to know? lol 

  • MK Collins  says:

    all of what you say is true. i have a huge orange lumberjack shirt and i
    wear beanies all the time and now theres lesbian shique in frickin teen
    vogue. we thought it up first!

  • Iam kicken ass  says:

    The dumb stereotypes

  • Lisa Baynham  says:

    I used to dress exactly like that, the whole outfit dealie, i still wear
    beanies yes and constantly wear raybans because im cool like that. Not
    really, but i am gay and cannot, for the life of me, spot a lesbian…ever.
    unless its so ridiculously obvious…help meeee

  • jesse parrish  says:

    Lol good example of how to tune ur gaydar i need help with that one >.<

  • LandiThe  says:

    This video is awesome. I laughed the whole time. Although I would have to
    say army boots are NOT ingrained in my genes.. 

  • Sunny Delvecchio  says:

    You guys always kill me

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