LESBIAN DUET – Stevie Boebi and Ally Hills

Check out the video we did on Stevie’s channel here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zAAV9oPZys Watch the original song “Do You Love Me Too” by Tessa Violet and Rusty Clanton here!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 comments to LESBIAN DUET – Stevie Boebi and Ally Hills

  • Tessa Violet  says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for covering our song!

  • Torey Tomsovic  says:

    This is so stinkin cute! I goon smiled the whole time. A+++

  • Caitlin WatchesVideosSometimes  says:

    I can’t deal with this cuteness

  • Jess B  says:

    I’m dying here omg I think they’re gonna end up dating lol

  • OhhMyAnnie  says:

    Awe, that was so cute guys!

  • ashley lim  says:

    I couldn’t stop pressing the replay button!!!

  • Holly Akins  says:

    My gay little heart ships them so much 

  • Aku Chan  says:

    +Stevie​ sound so adorable when she’s not clearing her throat i mean xp
    They look so cute together, especially in that whipped cream challenge

  • abby chubby  says:

    this is sooo adorable!!!! <3 <3 wow and +Stevie ‘s whistle solo??? wow!
    some jason derulo stuff right there lol. but have you seen ally’s song for +
    RoseEllenDix ??? stevie? LOLLLLLLLL

  • theloverofanimals1  says:

    Are they together!!!! I think they would be adorable together <3 Stevie and

  • Morgan Winchester  says:

    The way Stevie looks at Ally ☺️

  • Aury Fracs  says:

    wait what did I miss? are they together? Btw it doesn’t actually matter
    because they were so so so so good omg slay xx

  • theloveablegimp  says:

    I’m not sure if they’re my OTP or BROTP… Help

  • Micahismyname  says:

    Sorry, but if they date they’ll be cuter than when Stevie dated Sarah. 

  • Gitte Jensen  says:

    This is too cute! :) )))

  • Alex Astrain  says:

    I ship this!

  • Exxie the Writer  says:

    One of my favourite youtube artists covering a song of another one of my
    favourite youtube artists…songs and favourite youtube artists…this is
    like inception of awesomeness.

  • Jenna Stogner  says:

    They need to get together just look at how they look at each other

  • Yasmine Holly  says:

    This is so cute hehe :D loved this! you two have such good voices!!! x

  • Youth Click  says:

    i ship you guys so hard!!! stop teasing us!!!!!

  • chaosdream1  says:

    not my style at all, ally why don’t you have a fb site? : (

  • Franchesca Montoya  says:

    WOW! The artist digs your song! Great job!

  • Doc Trower  says:

    You have just earned yourself another subscriber, and you can thank +Stevie
    Boebi for sending me to you.

  • Michelle K  says:

    Are they together? But they look like sisters

  • Clélie Tourrette  says:

    Alvie or stelly ?

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