Lesbian Drunk Dials Her Ex Girlfriend – Feat. Arielle

Lesbian Drunk Dials Her Ex Girlfriend - Feat. Arielle

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25 comments to Lesbian Drunk Dials Her Ex Girlfriend – Feat. Arielle

  • GirlfriendsTV  says:

    The sad thing is, this is the closest I’ve gotten to sex in almost a year.
    LMAO <3 Loved this!

  • Auto Math  says:

    I’m reassured to know thet I’m not the only one with a soccer mom fantasy.

  • xSunnySoulx  says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA!! OMG this is awesome >.<
    Loved it!!! Love you Arielle!!

  • Silentevenings  says:

    Did she say…Zoey Palmer?

  • Jonathan Turbide  says:

    I believe everything that they said. :D 

  • Tabasum K  says:

    Ariell!!! love her so much

  • Stephanie Elizabeth Mann  says:

    I am gay and I sleep with myself every night and I sleep with myself in the
    same bed simultaneously. :P lol :) 

  • Annette Collins  says:

    Ok this was freakin hilarious hahaa

  • Chloe Lee  says:

    Arielle.. <3

  • Habs fan  says:

    Those drunk dials are sooooo funny! please make more!

  • Arawanach  says:


  • bookXbat  says:

    Oh man I lost it when she said ” I slept with Joanne and Julia at the same
    time while Zoie Palmer watched”

  • YourChillPill13  says:

    Haha that was awesome!

  • LandiThe  says:

    weerrrrd? I thought it was funny when they started naming girls from this
    channel! Team Adrianna!

  • Sajiko  says:

    Love you guys 

  • Nathalie Young  says:

    First comment… yeiii… 

  • Maldwyn Dobbs  says:

    One-up-man-ship can be really troublesome especially when loaded with
    alcohol. I hope you both enjoyed your drink?

  • RocknRolla87  says:

    that video made my day!

  • MJ Rock  says:

    Second comment.. Lolzz

  • Daija Mccall  says:

    Italian stuffed shells….BIG ASS SHELLS feeled with cheder cheese an white

  • Claire Summers  says:

    Zoie Palmer is so sexy. She’s the only reason I watch that stupid show. And
    I keep hoping her and Rachel Skarsten will make out. It’s bound to happen
    eventually, right? I mean… It’s Lost Girl.

  • Christine Martinezobviously  says:

    +GirlfriendsTV dude a year? You seriously gotta get some D:


    On a roller coaster… in broad daylight… at Disneyland.

  • MysteriousCliché  says:

    Later bitch.. Lolz

  • kaon21  says:

    love this video! 

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