Lesbian Couple Wedding Dance

Wedding Dance.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 comments to Lesbian Couple Wedding Dance

  • thewatcherspain  says:

    Still ridiculous… They love each other but they’ll never be the same as a
    heterosexual wedding

  • invaderzadr21  says:

    So beautiful I want to cry… <3

  • Ali Vanity  says:

    This made me cry honestly. I love this song. You both looked completely
    stunning. Good luck on your journey together! (:

  • heavenlybound01  says:


  • Corgan Blosch  says:

    For all those saying disgusting. How the fuck would you like it if someone
    said that on your wedding video? And in the bible it NEVER once says
    HOMOSEXUALITY. Not ONCE. This is not a choice. And God would not create
    these beautiful human beings just so they can burn in hell. Jesus NEVER
    said he hates gays. But he did say he hates hypocrites. So all you who
    claim to be Christians, or God lovers, but you hate these wonderful people,
    you are hypocrites. Have fun burning in hell.

  • heva15  says:

    can’t help falling in love with you by ingrid michaelson :)

  • Valquíria Nascimento  says:


  • Hallon212  says:


  • Sue Haslag  says:


  • trappedinside1  says:

    So beautiful and great song choice! Thank you for sharing!

  • TheMarkiyo  says:

    so in love!!!! I wish they last forever! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • FancyCupOfTea  says:

    I couldn’t keep myself from crying ;_;

  • auburngail26  says:

    Uzair ahmed, nobody can help who they like. It might e sinful but isn’t
    cussing sinful too? I bet you don’t tell ppl that cussing is sinful when
    they cuss bc you probably cuss as well. Love is love. You can’t help what
    or who you are interested in. If they’re happy then that’s all that
    matters. Yes it has a lot to do with god and its not right but you can’t
    help who you fall in love with. It’s not the sexuality it’s the heart and
    soul within the person.

  • karmalevel  says:

    I am conservative and I support gay marriage!

  • ilovepurpleskittles  says:

    I just realized I had a smile on my face for 3:34 minutes straight while
    watching this video.. so beautiful. Wish them the best.

  • cliffordhubert1  says:

    stupid paparrazi’s but so cute/adorble/amazing/beautiful

  • Nomi Guender  says:

    This is a miracle, what a beautiful couple

  • HANA RAJA  says:

    I like this so beautiful i hope maried a girl

  • Nixsa Martinez  says:

    This is Real Love!

  • esraa esa  says:

    i think she is love her so much

  • italiavirgo  says:

    If you think it’s abnormal than don’t practice it or watch it.

  • con permangil  says:

    Am watching this video over and over,so in love…. 3

  • neshama69  says:

    45 homophobic bitter folk gave this a thumbs down…seriously people
    lighten up and welcome to the 21st century. We need more love in this

  • Ruthie Buenafe  says:

    I wish i’d be in love like they are.

  • edie war  says:

    aaaaand now im crying

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