Lesbian Couple: The Double Date

Lesbian Couple: The Double Date

Open Me!*** We are two twenty something’s in love. We have been using YouTube as an avenue to share our lesbian love story one video at a time. Vlogging b…

Seduce Lesbian Daughter, Win M From Rich Dad In Hong Kong

“Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, a property magnate, announced the HK0million bounty this week after reports that his daughter Gigi Chao, 33, a University of Manche…
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42 comments to Lesbian Couple: The Double Date

  • Nikki Brittany  says:

    Dave and Busters! We love D&B’s<<<<<< y’all had a fab time

  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    cracking up completely at the car jam session!!! hahah and I was singing
    right with y’all…those are my songs! We love dave and busters just went
    a couple weeks ago. 1000 tickets!!!! I would be hype…i love winning
    tickets. love watching y’all! 

  • PoeticHarmony  says:

    Just cant help but to watch the car jams over and over again lol!….& omg
    is that state fair that’s opening tomorrow at Aloha Stadium?! I’m
    going!!!!! :) hopefully i’ll run into you guys…if i’m not too scared lol

  • TheJPatrice  says:

    Y’all making me wanna sample that EN Vogue song! I will def give yall a
    shoutout in the vid if I do!

  • Leeanna Lala  says:

    Real lol yall video & persontily and yall human anfd love yall no dount, xx
    love 1 fan

  • Lesbians in the South  says:

    Mannnn yall looked like yall had stupid fun out there!!! great video! you
    guys were killing it in the car! Encore!!! lol I hope we can chill with you
    guys in Hawaii or California soon!! Yall know how to have fun! 

  • Latesha Jones  says:

    I loved the singing part lmao!!! no lie! 

  • kyshabelike  says:

    That lippie looks good on you!!Ayyyye na I was singing wit y’all when that
    usher came on.Why Joy not singing her song “Girl you know you betta watch
    out…” lol…Right when you started talking about Joy’s outfit I said I
    want that hat!!

  • Kay Quartey  says:

    The true essence of this video was amazing,I loved every element of it.
    Thank you ladies for making my day once again,there’s something so pure
    about watching you on youtube. Hugs&Kisses to you both. Your UK fan xxx

  • 43vaMe20 lc  says:

    Yayyyyyy my favvvvorrrite couple!!!! I adore yall!!! Dave&Busters the best
    place ever!!!! Is is sad that I have yet go on a double date??? You ladies
    looked like you had fun!!!! Im so use to seeing joy drive…Kinda
    different!!!! But you ladies are freakin awesome!!! Stay blessed…

  • Kristen Miller  says:

    Awww I loved this! Both of your personalities are so vibrant! When Toy was
    showing her lippie & hair was too cute lol and the car jamming! I’m glad
    you guys had a good time. Double dates are pretty fun with the right

  • Lakishia Scott  says:

    One is good at driving and one is good at vloging lol. i love when y’all
    sing. Peace and Blessing I’m going to guess an amusement park

  • yanbballing  says:

    Ahhh, a WHOLE WEEKEND early (for that party). I AM TELLING YOU KCE is
    always so dope!! LOL

  • Leeanna Lala  says:

    I crack up on car jam & love dave & buster live games and fun real. Talk. I

  • SelfLoveIsKey  says:

    Yassss!!! for Joy hitting those high notes lol

  • Nina Semone  says:

    Enjoyed yall had a tru blast enjoy your weekend<3

  • JoyAnd Toy  says:

    Aloha! We went on a fabulous double date :) When is the last time that you
    have been on one? Mahalo for tuning in XOXO Joy and Toy

  • Hotboytrue  says:

    Well now that she knows her Dad is paying someone to seduce her she’s gonna
    turn every man down thinking their only after the money so the plan is dead
    before it even got off the ground

  • Jui-Wei Yang  says:

    Psychologist prove most women have some bisexual tendency, whether lesbian
    or straight. This is because, for women love is more as an emotional
    thing, revolving around how a person make her feel, which is different from
    men whom look at the more practical thing. But lesbian women would have a
    higher chance of getting a straight women to fall for her, then the
    opposite way around. because, women’s love is emotional and revolve around
    how a person make her feel, but men usually know little about women, some
    think women look for practical thing also, so try to get girls to fall in
    love with her by proving he is a good provider, look handsome or other
    practical think, which doesn’t trigger sexual attraction amount girls. The
    rest whom understand for women love revolve around how he make her feel,
    usually have littler understanding to the exact type of feeling that can
    attract a women, unless he is e.g. a psychologist. 

  • poptartdom  says:

    I would dress up as a dude and seduce her… even though I’m straight.

  • matofako1  says:


  • jason royale  says:

    i’d woo and win her with my old world charm and a little soft shoe.

  • Le Huy-Anh  says:

    That’s a *Japanese* accent. This is in Hong Kong, retard. Get your
    stereotypes straight.


    moron turks

  • ATDunks  says:

    Typical Liberal, dont know the facts before you comment. You just saw a
    race being mentiontioned an assumed it was racist because you dont agree
    with it, or you smoke too much pot and have no brain cells left. I wil
    inform you that China was notorious for killing all the woman babies who
    were born, this took place during the 70′s $ 80′s. Thats why when you go to
    china. there is a big difference in male to girl ratio. Thats why there all
    angry, there very little hot chicks there.

  • Jojo Dynamo  says:

    So are Jews, but from Egypt to Mesopotamia.

  • OLee82  says:

    Typical idiot, you saw one comment and assumed the author is a pot smoking,
    uninformed liberal. And how about taking a look at American history? ^^ I
    heard they are not as nice as they think they are. ^^

  • insane247  says:

    the thing with this is it is a lot easier to turn a gay woman than a gay
    man. from experience i have seen many cases of sworn lesbians that either
    dabble in straight sex or even turn straight completely and also the other
    way around for straight women. i was straight until i was 19. and no it’s
    not that i just thought i was, i really was. vagina was so gross to me, not
    even subconsiously appealing. but i have never seen a gay man turn straight
    (only in cases of denial)

  • Baleur  says:

    Very little hot chicks in China? Hang on while i go to the bathroom to get
    a sedative, i can’t stop laughing. Americans.. Women in China are some of
    the most well-groomed fresh females you’ll ever see. Right up there with
    Japanese or Chinese women. Go back to your hamburger munching liposuction

  • Nick Terrance  says:

    I don’t need that to keep me warm at night, I have plenty of memories to
    keep me warm. ;cD

  • BananaSquid  says:


  • theHedgex1  says:

    make a deal of getting half teh money for his family and pretend to be
    together for a year then break up saying it’s the guys fault ^^

  • RS Default  says:

    65 million… you have to try!

  • agriperma  says:

    Very simple solution , I could just tell here I am a lesbian trapped in a
    mans body.

  • Socika14  says:

    I’d totally go gay for that much

  • Ričardas Radzevičius  says:

    Anyone offered shemale?

  • jahs389  says:

    It makes me a bad person, but all I hear is Barney Stinson saying:
    “Challenge accepted!”

  • Nick Ooko  says:

    If i can get the the address of Gigi then i will assist her.

  • 1pk155  says:

    ROFL! Have no fear. I think her “wife” is a man already.

  • wanderlust342  says:

    They can not biologically have 100% their own children but there is always
    adoption, in vitro fertilization, or a surogate mother.

  • drchen054  says:

    Dude, I’m gonna find a transgender lesbian/bisexual female, dress her up as
    a male to court her in front of the dad, and then when they are alone, they
    can be all girlish as they want. The dad would never suspect to look into
    the background of such person because the genetics for physical appearance
    is a guy. Or there are all sorts of hermaphrodites. Someone do this idea
    and give me like a million. HAHA

  • brighterthanroses  says:

    Queer women love nothing more than when men think they can switch them.

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