Lesbian Couple: The 5 Love Languages

Open Me!*** We are two twenty something’s in love. We have been using YouTube as an avenue to share our lesbian love story one video at a time. Vlogging b…
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“Kiss Me” a new drama with Emily Osment, the protagonist of the hit movie “Cyberbully”. Released 2014. Starring: Emily Osment (“Hannah Montana”, “Cyberbully”…

37 comments to Lesbian Couple: The 5 Love Languages

  • Claudia Moss  says:

    Hi, Joy and Toy! I read that book several years ago! It’s an awesome read!
    Every couple could benefit from it! My love languages are Physical Touch
    and Acts of Service! Happy Nesting!!

  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    I have always wanted to read that book. I have no idea what my love
    languages are. hmmm looks like a purchase is in my future. 

  • Lez Be Trill  says:

    I just lovveessss watching you two you both are always positive and yall
    always have this great glow!! AND I’m in the process of buying a California
    king size bed I heard they are theeee besstttt!!

  • ACandJthing  says:

    Awh my love language is quality time and my secondary one is acts of
    service and I can only dream of how Cali king beds feel ommmmmgggggg

  • Lesbians In The South  says:

    Yummy, breakfast is my favorite meal. Exactly! The Cali King, I keep trying
    to tell her (Rice) about that. Thats cool, we want to live in Cali for a
    year or so. What program is she interested in? 

  • MismatchedRainbow  says:

    I love homemade breakfasts too, but that food you guys got looks amazing!
    And sounds like an interesting read. I’ll check it out!


    Thank you for the book recommendation !!! Ordering it now!!!
    Relationship/marriages are sometimes a struggle but with love and
    communication it works out for the best. 

  • kristy cato  says:


  • Julia Ambrose  says:

    In LA myself well me and my girl. So let us be the 1st to say “Welcome to
    Cali! “

  • Julia Ambrose  says:

    What part of cali?

  • Lakishia Scott  says:

    That’s for the waring about the ending. I like Cali King, If you can see
    with them on why take them off. It is safer tho. Love the vid

  • JoyAnd Toy  says:

    Aloha YT Fam :) This book is awesome! Do you have it? Have you heard of it?
    What’s your love language? Let us know! XOXO Joy and Toy

  • kupotenshi  says:

    I thought this was gonna be a story about the two girls falling in love.
    I’m disappointed.

  • jonasbabe75  says:

    Sarah Bolger was in CYBERBULLY???

  • Anjali Mehra  says:

    from what i can gather reading about it online – one of the girls has
    scoliosis (curvature of the spine) – but i think it’s like a coming-of-age

  • Nitzana Katz  says:

    no Zoe gets pregnant!

  • anouk van der jagt  says:

    I understand nothing in this whole trailer.

  • nascarkraz  says:

    what did this trailer show??

  • Lara Mendez  says:

    Please please please let them be lesbian :) 

  • Ericah Dongu  says:

    i don’t get it. lol

  • WolfDemonProductions  says:

    Wait, what is this even about? There was so much going on there.

  • oliva holt biggestfan  says:


  • UtubeUser  says:

    wait so r they gay, or is one getting a sex change, or is that girl dating
    a much older guy, I’m so confused as to what the conflict in this movie is

  • idontcare0953  says:

    I don’t get what this is about lol

  • JakeTAustinFan143  says:

    Wait who was she in Cyberbully? This looks pretty good and love Emily

  • merit888  says:

    congratulation for advertising lesbians ,WTF with the world 

  • Rhiannon Leigh Hammett  says:

    when is this out?

  • casey pickens  says:

    When will the movie be released!?!?!?

  • Eliseah Michelle  says:

    ooh I wanna see this!

  • Liyah Cooper  says:

    I am sooo confused by this trailer tho. The story line seems to be all over
    the place.

  • Yoona Tae-Kyun  says:

    For a second there I thought they were lesbians.. They’re not gonna end up
    lesbians, right?

  • talstals rockguitargirl  says:

    Whats this movie about???

  • TheRipp3dassassin  says:

    wtf they are like 20 something thats soo stupid how theyre 15.

  • Fryad fenty  says:

    Miley Cyrus is jealous about dis movie

  • Kourtney Maxin Williams  says:

    when is it coming out?

  • cheekydrafthorse  says:

    I love Emily but this movie looks pretty boring

  • musixmesh  says:

    when is this out?

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