LESBIAN COUPLE: Ky and Di Tell All Part 3

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5 comments to LESBIAN COUPLE: Ky and Di Tell All Part 3


    Wow!!! All I can say is that your truly blessed to have such a great
    partner in your life to help you out when you were in a tough situation. I
    admire your strength and your courage to share this tell all. I will
    continue to pray for you guys… 

  • Tasha J.  says:

    Glad that through it all you both stayed strong no matter what. I wish
    ya’ll many more blessings <3

  • pinkdollphinz  says:

    Your not real lesbians – I believe what happened was yall both got tired of
    being used, cheated on or abused by men – good luck on your manufactured
    relationship – I never knew being a lesbian is a choice – so what are you
    going to do next have a Brady bunch reality show – have several seats!!! 

  • rare2find0918  says:

    Testimony…so glad everything worked out for your family!

  • KYand DIsFamily  says:

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