Ladies Its Hard to Find Relationships With Kids @hodgetwins

Video Rating: 4 / 5 More about this episode: Brace yourselves for “proper mad” fun as irrepressible South London geeza Lee “Nelsy” Nelson…

50 comments to Ladies Its Hard to Find Relationships With Kids @hodgetwins

  • Wattchh  says:

    It looks like you niggas should be teen wolf ,btw great video keep up the
    good work .

  • DeeperThanMostIs  says:

    Watch Kevin’s face when Keith starts talking about the 3-some. That nigga a
    Freak Lmfaooo

  • Dix Vinny  says:

    I’m going to steal this and use it.

  • Chantell Henry  says:

    lol what’s with the yodeling at the beginning of the video

  • FrivolousShara  says:

    Hahaha I was at Church thinking about Kevin saying “There’s a bunch of
    devils in there trying to be saved” XD

  • Shawnda Hayes  says:

    It shouldn’t be hard. I’m not asking the man to take care of my kids I do
    that already. U will always have to respect my kids cause they’re apart of
    me. A real man can handle a woman with kids an kids grow up an move out

  • Jose Martinez  says:

    You have really pissed off upamanass. Watch out he may report like a little

  • Wise Guru  says:

    Wow, real good form keith! I’m impressed!

  • emperorsenshi  says:

    find an older guy with money

  • upabittoolate  says:

    That’s awesome. I know he’s a troll but mild chafing can be entertaining. I
    don’t have anything against homosexuals but it’s sure fun to make sport of
    the latent homos who gaybash. It’s irony at its most brilliant.

  • LetsgetphysicalAg  says:

    How on earth are you “running circles around me”? that statement is so
    laughable. But keep posting stupidities! Everybody on YouTube isnt buying
    it! They can read, you know, and they know whats been posted! You can say
    you are smarter but the facts totally refute that! You dont ever give me
    any facts about anything, then you troll on me everywhere I go in order to
    start up on me again in a fresh new page and hide the ass kickings Ive been
    handing you in previous pages! So sad of you little boy!

  • Curtis Ballard  says:

    One kid cost about $250,000 to raise to 18. She has 2? Yeah, fuck that….

  • lovelybones4me  says:

    Where are you guys from?

  • Dix Vinny  says:

    Nahhh I’m betting that you will be sucking your boyfriends dick bitch, stop
    being a keyboard warrior.

  • BeautySyndromeBaby  says:

    i actually find myself sittin up straight after one of them says : respect
    it! LOL

  • Greg Falco  says:

    A good match for women with kids is guys with kids. Ironically, (and
    hilariously) single moms are more attracted to guys with no kids.

  • Lucavi AD  says:

    I would like to have an adult discussion to you, but you need to grow up
    first & step up your mentality to that of us adults. My suggestion is you
    quit fail trolling & actually bother educating yourself. Mommy isn’t going
    to support you forever, kid.

  • LetsgetphysicalAg  says:

    CONT..yeah, any human being would be fascinated with an ass like yours. A
    two celled organism that can take someone driving dump trucks up his ass
    and take it with NO problem…is amazing! A pile of shit like you who has
    more smoke up his ass then any coal plant in the world, is mind boggling! A
    douche nozzle like you who speaks out his asshole instead of his
    mouth…yep, that is one for the record books! Of course Im fascinated with
    your ass…who wouldnt be? Youre ass does some amazing tricks!

  • Lucavi AD  says:

    You should see LetsGetPhysicalAg talk shit in other threads. It’d be
    hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. Even worse is him fantasizing about
    homosexuality such as “You take cock in your poop chute?”

  • blackstarafro  says:

    I never mentioned anything about the mother not taking care of the kid. but
    it is strange that you went straight to saying the man not taking care of
    his kid. a single man will go through emotional mental torment from the
    woman with kids. the single woman will go through emotional and mental
    torment brought on by the ex woman also known as the childs mother.the one
    thing that single parents do always is that they cannot humble themselves,
    to someone who will take them and baggage, as package.

  • amberarielaaliyah  says:

    lol ya funny :0) will am single mother n I been long for long time
    opinion is she should get a *bff * men who u will trust n be w make u
    company when u alone especially at night …I have my botty call only once
    week for almost yr …I dont sleep around w no body n I dedicated my life
    to my kids. am mom 100% dont Dink ..only work n spend time w my
    kids …so am really afraid to find someone cause the safe of my kids .

  • AK33M  says:

    Thats messed up. Just because she has a child, means she can’t have any
    sexual desires?

  • LetsgetphysicalAg  says:

    Oh by the way..You called me a “troll”…do you even know what a troll is?
    Its an ass hat that goes around Youtube starting shit with other
    people….I NEVER started shit with you…it was YOU who came here and
    started to talk shit. Everybody jumped on you and now you do the 2nd grade
    thing and start calling everybody faggot and troll and all sorts of
    names…So who is the Troll? Sorry .the Troll here is YOU! P.S..have fun
    with your new found racist friend Lucavi AD…he hates colored people! :)

  • Linda Casey  says:

    Sounds harsh, but I know what you say is true .. most men want what’s
    between her legs, not what came out from them. Nothing wrong with telling
    the truth. Saves a whole lot of heartbreak in the end. So, thanks for being


    What’s the email to ask a question to the Hodge twins?

  • jimmyjimbo72  says:

    Ali G = G Lee Nelson = Chav THEY’RE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

  • Nate Walker  says:

    u fat ledgend

  • Noah Dancaster  says:

    Lee Nelson’s funny as hell

  • jim jimjim  says:

    @Bowser2847 i know. a really shit act

  • shaq604  says:

    @gilmourguitar123 ffs, i wrote a huge statement, i guess it didnt deliver,
    but anyway long story short; everyman has a right to their opinion

  • spinout3  says:

    saw him last night in scarborough..quality!!

  • SCAZAGAMING8  says:


  • jazz4  says:

    This is awfull, what are you doing BBC?

  • Nathan Martin  says:

    Houston Astros cap?

  • Dylaz97  says:

    @StarScream7ZZ You’ve obviously never been to Newcastle =L

  • Stuart Clark  says:

    i think Lee Nelson is well funny

  • livybobify  says:

    I love you lee nelson can’t wait till your on again! x

  • shaq604  says:

    @gilmourguitar123 argument*

  • Lonnie Booth  says:

    Ali G wannabe. And FUCK YOU ParasolPat, not everyone is easily amused by
    shitty ‘comedy’ like this.

  • Neko Paul  says:

    this show is the most annoying thing I have ever seen. it’s down right

  • OfLanceTheLonginus  says:

    Horrid shit.

  • Rag Perm  says:

    @ParasolPat hes a fuckin legend srsly

  • Real Human Bean  says:

    i can see the future state of britain. I am watching it right now.

  • sapper7878  says:

    @blackheartjunkie Qwaliteeeeeee

  • JadeK081  says:

    Lol Lee Nelson F***ing Brillinat

  • blackheartjunkie  says:

    i cant actually stop laughing at Lee Nelsons jokes :L hes fucking hilarious
    to me! xD

  • tekqist28  says:

    omg what the fuck was that -.-

  • serappia  says:

    annoying twat!

  • boredomtube  says:

    So so so so so so so so so bad, this guy has zero wit, making for poor
    adlib and uses tired old cliche’s even his pre-prepared jokes die on their
    arse. I can’t believe he is a comedian with a contract and more importantly
    a crowd.

  • shaq604  says:

    @gilmourguitar123 thats a pretty strong opinion so before we start this
    arguement/debate/whatever im sure tht noone is gonna convince anyone, but i
    guess he is smarter

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