Kaitlyn Hunt Faces Awful Plea Deal For Underage Dating (TYT Supreme Court)

“A Florida teenager faces criminal charges stemming from her relationship with another young female student. Kaitlyn Hunt, 18, faces two felony counts of “lewd and lascivious battery on a…
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25 comments to Kaitlyn Hunt Faces Awful Plea Deal For Underage Dating (TYT Supreme Court)

  • AmonAmarth  says:

    My girlfriend is 14 and I’m turning 17, what would happen if I’m 18
    according to uk laws?

  • Michael G  says:

    For those of you defending Kaitlyn Hunt, have you ever heard of Kevin
    Clash? He’s the guy who did the voice of Elmo on ‘Sesame Street’ for 28
    years, and then in 2012, when a 23-year-old man came out publicly CLAIMING
    that Kevin Clash had an inappropriate sexual relationship with him back in
    2004 when he was 15, without a single shred of evidence of this, Kevin
    Clash lost his career of 28 years and probably almost ended up
    spending some time in jail. Despite that the 23-year-old man later went
    back and RECANTED HIS STATEMENT, Kevin Clash STILL didn’t get his job of 28
    years back. This was a grown man ALLEGEDLY having a sexual relationship
    with a 15-year-old boy, and then 8 years AFTER the fact, the man lost his
    28-year career and almost ended up spending some time in jail, despite that
    the person making the accusation later recanted his statement. Are people
    claiming HE lost his career for being a male homosexual being ‘in love’
    with a boy? Hell no. Kaitlyn Hunt was being prosecuted for having an affair
    with an underage 14-year-old girl. That’s statutory rape any way you cut
    it, male, female, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, whatever. If lesbians
    want to be treated equally, then they need to accept EQUAL responsibility
    for their actions and stop pulling the lesbian card. Also, for the record,
    contrary to popular belief, Kaitlyn was NOT a minor herself (17) when she
    and the 14-year-old girl first started dating. She was ALREADY 18 even
    BEFORE they started dating. Get your facts straight.

  • lola bigcups  says:

    They’re only prosecuting because she’s a lesbian. I feel this was because
    when it’s a 30 yr old teacher get caught having sex with a 15,16,17 yr old
    they usually get a slap in the wrist. They only get actual jail time when
    there are multiple victims or multiple offenses with the same victim after
    being persecuted.

    I am not trolling. This is just my opinion I’m not saying that everyone
    should feel this way not am I trying to convince anyone to change their
    thoughts on this. 

  • Alex Markadonis  says:

    Problems like these would not exist if people were further enlightened. If
    people from the earliest possible ages were educated in critical thinking
    and basic reasoning skills this would be seen as what it is: inexcusably
    stupid. It is infuriating. If people were taught how and not what to think,
    parents would not be able to impede the medical treatments of their
    children or one’s dating habits would not be detrimental to their self and
    require no oversight from parents. 

  • john Smith  says:

    you guys better be very careful giving legal advice, or you might just be
    on trial yourself.

  • ThePeacemaker848  says:

    She should just stall the courts for 3 years until the other girl is 18 and
    drops the charges.

  • Ana Si  says:

    Seriously? It’s just a three year difference. 

  • K Howell  says:

    There should be some kind of law for people who are in highschool. I don’t
    know how many frreshmen and sophmores I dated in school. As an adult now, I
    wouldn’t be considered an offender for that. This is just so stupid. Gay or
    straight, doesn’t matter. This is going to ruin her entire life. 

  • Zola Zora  says:

    wtf wait… I know two sex offenders 30+ that did lewd acts to a boy that
    was like 13ish, and they got 3 years and probation for a while (this was in
    California around 2003)

    Now here is a girl, 18, having sexual relations and is offered a PLEA of 2
    years house arrest and probation?

    Something is up.

  • AnElevatorFart  says:

    I guess I was a child rapist when I was a senior in High school. I wasn’t
    aware that banging a sophomore was worthy of jail time. I guess I was lucky
    her parents weren’t insane. 

  • thisisatonofbs  says:

    This would be a good case where juries using Jury Nullification would be a
    good thing.

  • Ashley15  says:
  • Phil V  says:

    Most State’s age of consent laws take into account a grey area from 18 to
    twenty something for the offender.

  • Andy Alonso  says:

    Haha Lesbians

  • A Pappas  says:

    The law should read that there cannot be more than four years difference
    between an adult and minor. in a sexual relationship.

  • Scott Dee  says:

    The gays can do whatever they want, haven’t you people had that bashed into
    your heads enough yet? If hunt was a 18yr old strait man, he would already
    have been raped in prison.

  • Robert S  says:

    At the end, this taking head man said that there should be AT LEAST a 5
    years difference.
    -So, what he is saying then is an 18 and 1 month adult can have sex with a
    13 year and 1 month old child. Are you kidding me?

    These talking heads had tons of time to look up the real facts of the case,
    and the did NOT, then they come out with a stupid statement to make KH seem

    KH was NOT innocent, she threatened the 14 year old if she stopped having
    seeing/sex with her. KH sent 20,000 text msg/pictures/videos to the 14
    year old minor when the courts told her to stop and not have ANY contact
    with her.

    Listen, EVERYONE abandoned KH (change.org, organized lesbian community in
    Florida, tons of FB supporters…) once the truth came out about the lies
    her and her family threw out using social media/news.
    -It is sad people are still supporting her when even those who you think
    would be the most in her corner turned their backs to her a long time ago.

    But, do not take my word on it, read about it yourself, it will clear up a
    TON of the confusion out there:


  • AreJay Swan  says:

    NOT guilty for doing anything?
    Dating does not = Sex

  • Mr. Mayhem  says:

    They have these laws so old pedophile men won’t date/have sex with minors.
    Mainly because an underdeveloped 13 year old girl could be easily convinced
    by a 48 year old man to have sex with him.
    But the real problem is the fact that they take advantage of these laws.
    Police officers these days are very uneducated, as are a lot of newly
    appointed judges. Therefore, they will throw an 18 year old kid in prison
    for dating a 16 or 17 year old girl. That’s ridiculous and pathetic.
    I think that they should set a 3 year age differential in this law. Or even
    2. So if a 19 year old wants to date a 16 year old then it’s not illegal.
    The American Justice System is absolutely pathetic. Who in their right
    fucking minds comes up with some of these laws is beyond me!

  • WJ67  says:

    People….14/17 or 15/18 ….they were in the same High School, that is
    what matters. And saying that if they really loved each other they should
    wait until the age of consent, where you never a teenager. I doubt that
    they even thought about the age difference. And many times regardless of
    age of consent, if the parents don’t like you and your 18+ the cops are
    VERY often called and charges are laid. We are talking about kids in the
    same high school, remember that.

    Just adding this to show how the hair splitting is happening. If the older
    girl was a few months younger it would not be no problem. Again seriously
    doubt that they were thinking about age, when they got involved.
    (Florida statutes) legal for a person under 18 to have consensual sex with
    someone 12 or older (Section 794.11), and it is legal for a person 18-23 to
    have consensual sex with someone 16 or older (794.05)

  • Actheman1978  says:

    Why such outrage, just because they’re gay?! This same stuff happens to 18
    year old boys ALL THE TIME and I never hear this indignation. Why the
    double standard? There are guys that are considered sex offenders for the
    exact same thing. It’s always up to the parents. I agree that the law is
    absolutely arbitrary and crap, but let’s protect males in this country as

  • Robert S  says:

    I wish I had a time machine so I could go to the future when these Talking
    Heads have 14 year old kids of their own:
    -Are they going to be telling them to have sex with any HS student they
    want their Freshmen year?
    -What are the going to do with the 18 year old that helps their 14 year old
    minor to run away and then takes them over to his house to have sex with
    -What are they going to do when the 18 year old sends their 14 year old
    minor 20,000 Sexual Text/Video/Pictures?
    ***My bet is they will do everything they can to stop the 18 year old from
    having sex with their 14 year old child.

  • Andrew Hall  says:

    So since everyone else lets their kids philander that means this family has
    to? So much for the land of the free.

  • Stevesrssrssrs  says:

    The age of consent in Japan is 13, I think that’s what it should be here!!

  • Robert S  says:

    What these guys are saying is “Sex should be a free for all in HS”
    Dating DOES NOT mean sex.
    NO 18 should be having sex with any 14 year old.
    NO, if you are 18 and in HS, you DO NOT have the right to have sex with a
    14 year old.
    -Making out with someone is NOT the same thing as having sex.
    -Question: Who will be taking care of the babies that these “14 year olds”
    will be having when they start having sex, you know that is how babies are
    -Fact: 14 year old bodies are NOT ready to have babies, it is bad for them
    and for the babies. It WILL change their lives forever…
    ***This law is there to protect the 14 year old minor from others and
    themselves. Without the law, the 14 year old parents would have had now
    way to stop the sexual relationship. The 18 could have just kept on giving
    the parents the middle finger and told them to shut while she continued to
    have sex with there daughter.
    -The 18 year old was told by her PARENTS, a COACH, relatives/parents of the
    minor, JUDGE, PROSECUTOR, POLICE…and she still DID NOT stop sending her
    20,000 illegal text/video and she still DID NOT stop having sex with the

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