Jimi and Rach Wedding Dance 4/2014

The Williams Family First Dance.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 comments to Jimi and Rach Wedding Dance 4/2014

  • ebony perkins  says:


  • Gossiptgirl  says:

    This was so cute! I love that their son was included as well!

  • Mollie Webb  says:

    That was so beautiful congratulations Mr & Mrs Williams

  • Rushell Payton  says:


  • Nicole McCollum  says:

    That was sweet 

  • Susie Wilson  says:

    I am lit 


    Aww…… that was too cute!!! Congratulations!!

  • Nicole M  says:

    This is phenomanal! Wat to go Williams family! This video is worthy of
    YouTube, most out there are NOT! Much love and best wishes to you all!

  • Martina Beasley  says:

    One of the best brides I’ve seen dancing. 

  • whitney graves  says:

    out of all the brides i seen she has been the most movable in a tight
    dress. good job girl 

  • whitney graves  says:

    too freaking cute. you guys look happy 

  • vanessa floride  says:


  • aHotMamaDotCom  says:

    OMG! I love this. Ya’ll were getting it IN!!! Go Rachel. The family that
    dances together stays together. Congratulations ya’ll. :) 

  • q bgriffin  says:

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Yall DID that!!! Lil man was getting it!

  • Cherise Challenger  says:

    Cute video!!! Y’all was on point with those dances! 

  • Rachel StFleur  says:

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