Insight: Gay Marriage

What happens when your sexuality clashes with your cultural, religious or political beliefs? In a fiery and emotional debate, Insight picks apart the differe…
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While headed to a wedding in Scotland, best man Craig’s bag with his Scottish regalia is lost by the airline. Here is his solution, along with his prolonged,…
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25 comments to Insight: Gay Marriage

  • Meagan Pal  says:

    LAUGHATTACK at pineapple pizza

  • Fergufool  says:

    Far more complex than that my friend; he was already financially *quite*
    comfortable when this was taped.

  • PT111111  says:

    We had square pizza here.

  • Zorisx  says:

    Thats why I’m glad to be Canadian :D

  • sparrowlover0626  says:

    So frieking funny lol.

  • hotnsexxy2008  says:

    Yeah he’s still the best. His tweets rock too I LMAO! But WTF, it’s like
    the show started going down around the time he joined Twitter. Still good a
    lot of times just seems like there was more good stuff before.

  • Fergufool  says:

    If you mean sending someone’s luggage to Cyprus instead of Glasgow, bell
    end is certainly one way of putting it. *eyeroll*

  • Flyrev  says:


  • Katerina Poly  says:

    he mentions Larnaca in Cyprus!!!!!!! whoo hoo people know about Cyprus
    now!!!!! Craig Ferguson is freaking awesome, absolutely hillarious

  • MartHa P  says:

    Boot-istan :D

  • MrValvenus  says:

    He became a multi millionaire.

  • craigycasablanca  says:

    hahahaha THe map XD……..”1 kazilllion Miles”!!

  • GreatGoogly Moogly  says:

    @Fergufool I’ve been looking for this one and couldn’t find it. Thank you
    so much for posting! This is one of my favorite Craigy-rants. xD

  • Tamara Dominguez  says:

    OMG Spain is Narnia… I’m from fucking Narnia! Yeeeeeeeeey!

  • darkstar1345a  says:

    hawaian pizzas are nice

  • x666zbm  says:

    Damn! This jingle was something)))

  • Fergufool  says:

    Actually, the change was gradual, and many people started noticing long
    before the new baby. Funny you mention “no words”. There was a 2009 cold
    open that was classic Craig. He doesn’t say a thing, and it was
    *brilliant*, a pure work of comedy art.

  • Brad Wilson  says:

    That made just… was it for me. Oh man. That was amazing

  • groovybabyrachy12  says:

    Slutty grandmass, hahahah his brain is soo fcked up, I love itt :)

  • Fergufool  says:

    If we’re talking about personal preference, yes, to me he is still way
    ahead of the pack. But if we’re being objective, the only one an artist
    should be compared to is himself. ;)

  • gunjank  says:

    HOLY HELL that map of Europe killed me! xD

  • VexonCross  says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is good, but he’d rank below Conan for sure. Jay and Jimmy
    Fallon, not so much.

  • Einveldi  says:

    That’ll be Slanj in St Vincent Street then!

  • Liz Wong  says:

    A 100 Scotsmen with a dagger and an open bar. What could possibly go wrong?

  • peachie0keen  says:


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