Hilarious Skyrim Wedding

A fucked up scheme by Maramal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-_VZDHtWro – where to get scimitar jwn5 wrote: “nice poetry…. let me tell my tale of merriage in this game…….. ah…
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  • ShadowLegend300  says:

    So…we are not supposed to say anything about the fact the priest sent
    thugs to kill you in your wedding…propably because you stole his
    sweetroll or something

  • Fredd Trace  says:

    I married Sanguine and every drunk and begger appeared on our wedding lol

  • Deucalion  says:

    The fact that the thug was just sitting there waiting for you.. I lost it 

  • GrandpaSeal  says:

    Once at my wedding, a courier came up in the middle of it and made everyone
    mad XD.

  • Burst Noah  says:

    I was once attacked by a group of thugs that had apparently been sent by a
    chicken that I had accidently killed the night before. Another time by a
    dog whose owner I had killed (It was because the owner was a cannibal).

  • Emily Glisson  says:

    I married Lydia and she left my service to get ready for the wedding and I
    was like, okay. Fine with me.

    But when I got to the church for our wedding, she was naked.

    Lydia, no. Not until the honeymoon..

  • CesarTheKing  says:

    The lannisters send their regards.

  • ElectroGamez  says:

    At my wedding with Lydia, only one person showed up…

  • Chase Ash-Gerber  says:

    During one of my weddings a dragon priest came in and killed everyone
    including me. I think he was volsung.

  • AlphAWolf  says:

    on my ceremony the khajiits came also and there where 2 poor people and a
    frickin vampire that later when the ceremony was over tried to kill
    everyone and gave me fucking vampirism

  • Ruth Ortega  says:

    And glitchiest

  • V For Vasili  says:

    Wait… The thugs who attacked you were hired by a guy named Maramal, it
    showed on the note. The priest’s name was Maramal O_O

  • MrGameFan  says:

    I had a stendarr worshipper and a vampire sitting next to eachother at
    mine. Funny.

  • kemal sucu  says:

    Maramal you prick

  • noisyboy900  says:

    The Khajiit are there because Ysolda is a friend who trades with them and
    wants to become a part of the Khajiit caravan.

  • jonathan glass  says:

    Hired thugs are wedding crashers 

  • Epictrex  says:

    Maramal you ass

  • Ruth Ortega  says:

    Lmao when I first started playing this game and married Aela I thought that
    Maramal had said “under Mara’s loving gays” lol you know cause I chose to
    be a female Breton. Hahahaha I was all like WOAH! OKAY this game is awesome
    for letting same sex couple marriages happen. Even if it is the lagiest
    game I’ve ever played.

  • Fatcatzone  says:

    Lol I found hired thugs in sovangard. 

  • Rimfaxe96  says:

    Imperial weddings are the shit.

  • M Korda  says:

    When I got married, there was 4 vampires (me, my wife, his mother, and
    another vampire), 1 dremora, 1 blade member, neloth, and member of the
    thieves guild… best. assembly. ever.
    Ones does not simply have a normal family/friends.

  • Arno Bervoets  says:

    you know if u would play as a female character and beat the shit shit out
    of rolff stone fist you could probably marry him

  • Jeffrey Woods  says:

    I thought the khajit werent allowed in the city

  • Namis Rook  says:

    2:58 lol what a waste!!!

  • Adam Gomez  says:

    I have the same wife and those same khajits showed up
    And tried to kill me oddly 

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