Girlfriend Turned Lesbian: Is It My Fault??? @hodgetwins

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OITNB Cast Discuss Season 2's Awkward Sex Scenes

Samira Wiley (Poussey), Matt McGorry (John Bennett) and Alysia Reiner (Natalie Figueroa aka Fig) from “Orange Is The New Black” talk all about getting steamy…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 comments to Girlfriend Turned Lesbian: Is It My Fault??? @hodgetwins

  • Robert W  says:


  • Blake Gonzalez  says:

    nobody was born gay. its most likely a mother or father wound. or if they
    have been abused sexually by the opposing sex

  • SpickimoHere  says:

    Kevin’s face when Keith talks about pounding assholes & Shit, lmfao.

  • respectmyauthoritay1  says:

    2014 and people are convinced no-one is born gay. Go do your damn research
    and stop trying to defend your views based on child abuse.

  • Rein Miller  says:


  • Broly27  says:

    :31 i thought he finally broke his neck

  • Alexis Vasquez  says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked hell ill bang her and her lesbian gf

  • moyers680  says:

    She’s probably bisexual

  • sk8boardyoshi  says:

    Oh no friend you missed my point COMPLETELY. My point was never to issue
    the outcomes of any of these things, i was just speaking of acceptance as
    our good buddy two comments above us. In my eyes is seams only fair that if
    we accept things like homosexuality let us accept everything else. There
    are countless things that are wrong and/or immoral which hurt no one, for
    example bestiality, pride, conceitedness, lust, selfrighteousness, and the
    list extends much further.

  • jerimias2k  says:

    I read through some of the posts. I feel that it’s a decent youtube video.
    My brother would like to get staggering with sexy girls. He learned a fuck
    load from a internet page called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want
    pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The recommendations for seducing
    chicks at nightclubs from Master Attraction got him his 1st fucks in
    greater than 2 long yrs. I was really irritated though seeing that I heard
    them all.

  • Holly GoLightly  says:

    All kindzz of sugar wallz

  • Angelo Davis  says:

    True no one is born homosexual nor lesbian…many follow this lifestyle for
    those exact same reasons you mentioned.

  • Labiiba  says:

    Hodge twins in England. Like ME

  • T74G  says:

    girl turned lesbian…is it your fault HELL YEA

  • O'shea Smith  says:

    Da fuck is so funny

  • fhfs  says:

    LETS GO MENAGE!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandre Carlesso  says:

    “all kinds of fake balls” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • 15godfather1  says:

    pussy clappin’ =))))))))))) or strap-ons

  • pulse1001  says:

    You’re absolutely right, i don’t know why your comment is getting so many
    thumbs down or how @drankydrank1′ dumb ass comment is getting any thumbs up
    at all…

  • Shonen Hikada  says:

    It sounds like she is bisexual.

  • Calin Turner  says:

    wanna cite a source for that

  • GotFlow5  says:


  • WeShouldScreamloud  says:

    Calm down lmfao

  • SSSurvivoRRR  says:

    Kevin’s face @ 2:27 definition of “WTF face”

  • thesharkman9007  says:

    when a guy’s dick is too small girls turn lesbian

  • Bloempjuh030  says:

    Anybody else questioning their sexuality after either seeing Poussey or

  • Queen_K  says:

    Dayum I don’t know who’s hotter Samira or the guy that plays Bennett lol

  • annabelle connelly  says:

    So really what Matt’s trying to say is the dasha turns him on and he has to
    try his hardest not to show it in their sex scenes? Anyone agree? ;P

  • subomi seun-fadipe  says:

    I love poussey

  • ndnthunder8  says:

    Love this show and its uniqueness

  • Zelda Williamson  says:

    Ok I know Matt is on How To Get Away With Murder, but is Alysia also?

  • Ariana Belvy  says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Samira Wiley (poussey) is beautiful?
    Something about her smile just gets to me.

  • sourcheesepringles  says:

    is she really a lesbian? Poussey?

  • goldenbutterflies  says:

    Samira Wiley is just amazingly FLAWLESS

  • Samuel115s  says:

    the girl in the purple would be real pretty of she had long full hair. 

  • Yang Ming  says:

    I love her!!!

  • Golden1  says:

    Matt McGorry is so HOTTT!!!!!!

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