Girl accused of being a lesbian pedophile

now i’ve heard it all. A lesbian pedophile.

My veiw on lesbian dating. In case you were wondering were I’ve been, I’ve been working with some of the best group of Youtubers on a collab, check us out at …

50 comments to Girl accused of being a lesbian pedophile

  • Mai A  says:

    Two teen minors with only 3 years between them? Yeah, not pedophilia. If
    I’m not mistaken that’s not even legally pedophilia. 

  • Object  says:

    This is a lot more common than we think. Being a lesbian may ( I mean may )
    be in conjuction with other issues be a sign of Narcissism or Borderline
    personality disorder

  • MrSindreee  says:

    17 and 14 is right on the border but I would no call it pedophilia

  • DarthYuYevon  says:

    Yep, the world is full of sexist hypocrites I say to everyone who is
    disagreeing with the judge calling this pedophilia. If it were a 17 year
    old guy with a 14 year old girl, you’d all be hating on the guy calling him
    a creep. But oh, the 17 year old is a girl so somehow that’s different.

  • melissa green  says:

    does anyone know what the judges verdict was lol ?

  • Kaito Ishimaru  says:

    Uneducated retarded american shitty judges! xD Hebephile is the correct
    term for someone who has sexual attraction to someone between the ages
    11-14 and Ephebophile is 15-19 years old. I am so sorry for this but even
    most US citizens (inhabitants) that are believed to be well educated are
    rarely so. Very rarely so and it is saddening since it is a country that
    has a media outlet internationally and spreads there false claims about
    nonsense. At least get it right or quit your job and re-educate yourself.
    If you want my general view of the typical american google search image for
    “hurr durr derp derp”. You are welcome

  • _sheliiaa  says:

    I want gladis to have sex with me. Im young ;) 

  • doomlemush  says:

    well….now I’m hard…

  • xMiStyleZ  says:

    fake or real?

  • Andy Watson  says:

    Hey your honor, it is not illegal for a 17 year old to date 14 year old you
    fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!! Back to law school you go.

  • VespertineDeepwood  says:

    Pedophile = an ADULT who is attracted to PRE….let me say that again cause
    some people wont hear it……******P R E******….. Pubescent boys or
    girls……..14 is AFTER puberty. hence this girl is NOT a pedophile.
    People ( including Judges ) seriously need to get educated before speaking.

  • PochemuPochemu  says:

    Well age of consent is 16 years in England so anything under that is
    classed as paedophilia. Never have I heard of any American state having 15
    as the ‘age of consent’,- thats absolute trill! its 16-18 in the states,
    maybe 21 in some other ones. Even Canada’s is 16 in their states. Its
    disgusting how that girl wasnt then put forward properly for these
    allegations she spoke of in the court room. She should of served a sentence
    and signed the sex offenders register for life aswell as her Girlfriend.
    Thats if its proved their was ever sex or sexual relations. God, what is
    wrong with people? Keep it in ya fucking pants man!

  • princepemagnun  says:

    From the view point of Psychiatry there is NO Difference between
    Pedophilia, Homosexuality and Lesbianism. They are all “Sexual
    Disorientation”. From the political point of view Pedophilia is a Crime.

  • VespertineDeepwood  says:

    LOL I guess according to this judge the entire legal system is a pedophile
    because in many states you can get married at 14-15 and 16 with parents
    permission. and that’s the LAW saying that….so……yeah……..

  • anityy  says:

    17 year old a pedophile for being with a 14 year old? That woman is one big
    dumbass. Pedophiles like kids that didn’t reach puberty yet. And 17 is also
    still a teenager.

  • Mag Nificent  says:

    Gladys can molest me anytime :/

  • Rachel noneyabidness  says:

    Nahh 17 and 14 is not a big difference in age at all like wow judge..

  • cheeseplant7  says:

    well that makes good sense – so a high school junior (17) and a high school
    freshman (14) can’t date? no junior and freshman have ever been a couple in
    the history of the world? is it pedophilia as well if a junior dates a
    sophomore- amazing. ru fucking serious trying to call that pedophilia?
    judge is lucky she didn’t get sued for libelous slander.

  • MaskRant  says:

    This reminds me there was a rapist at my school. Her name was Ms.Carter and
    she fucking girls and boys. So sad. I’m so happy I didn’t stay after school
    to retake a test. That’s when she would ease her way into seducing you. The
    bad part about it is that she was young and cute! They fired her and she
    got no years in jail. Just community service. That’s really messed up!

  • BrianSATX79  says:

    Our culture is much more forgiving towards females than males.

  • Johnny Mac  says:

    Also, you’re only a paedophile if you find yourself sexually attracted to
    children aged 10 or younger. 14 is far from paedophilia.

  • Shelby Mc  says:

    It is but if there a minor they should not be called a pedo

  • Jakes - Personal  says:

    if it was a gay guy instead there would be alot of hate on here and
    probably a homophobic top comment, just sayin’.

  • James Deen  says:

    If you say so.

  • Forrest Gump  says:

    Oh yeah, because one spelling error makes a person an idiot… YOU’RE the
    real idiot. Do you feel better now? Does calling a person an idiot make you
    feel better? Wooow, have fun with that…

  • marielove1977  says:


  • melissamakala  says:

    i just want to say your hot good video

  • Lori Frost  says:

    I do what I can… :)

  • Lori Frost  says:

    @JustmeMaryD Pinnacle Studio Software… there have been several updates to
    the software since I made this video

  • Grounded4Life16  says:

    you’re cute

  • pixietear  says:

    Loved it Lori!! I second the love for “turn down the machismo” line. :) :)

  • sweetrockerxoxo  says:


  • rosevondee  says:

    got lots of questions!

  • Maggie P  says:

    Aww cute :D

  • hispanic1976  says:

    “Be yourself.” Amen! “Take your time.” I like this. “Don’t memorize the
    number for u-haul.” What?! Chica

  • Maggie P  says:

    “Tone down the McCheesmo.” lmao Cute video :)

  • Nancy C  says:

    thanks for making a video response. This was funny and cute. Good job.

  • suppappa  says:

    hahahahah “i’d do yeh”

  • masscobra  says:

    How about DowntownDykes?

  • Whateverintheworld  says:

    These girls are pretty cute. If they’d just take the metal out of their
    faces, grow out their hair. They don’t actually need to wear makeup but
    that would be great if they did.

  • comingupart  says:

    Nice! But what if being yourself involves making stupid statements? Just
    joking, sort of….

  • Megan Nicolelover  says:

    I thought you were a guy at first sight

  • Aprinsa  says:

    Honestly, I would like to have a woman approach me that way just for kicks
    because women don’t approach me. I was in a lesbian bar for the first time
    recently, and the only person who hit on me was a slightly creepy old man.

  • kallamazoo222  says:

    I agree. Totally hot, AND down to earth.

  • Cocoa  says:

    If a girl came to me like you show @1:52 I would surely go on a date with
    her. :)

  • horses24luke  says:

    Your hot as f@@@

  • melit binondo  says:

    @hahahaha :D

  • K8Video  says:

    haha… I just need to find some way to bring this video with me when I go
    out and I’ll be set!.lol :D

  • Lori Frost  says:

    Glad you liked it,…My g/f got me this editting software so I’ve been
    playing with it

  • melit binondo  says:


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