Gerard Butler’s ‘Ugly Truth’ About Relationships

The actor talks about his new romantic comedy and his personal motivations.

This is what happens if you decide to persuade the romantic option with Garrus.
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41 comments to Gerard Butler’s ‘Ugly Truth’ About Relationships

  • stefanie böke  says:


  • Jenny Lee  says:

    He’s the best!

  • Marina L.  says:

    he’s so cute ug he’s just oh my god!!!! love him a lot

  • Regina Filangi  says:

    Why does he have to be so freakin hot??! And his personality makes him
    even better looking!

  • jdstep97  says:

    I absolutely adore his characters, but he somehow loses the edge for me
    when I watch him in these types of interviews. He a nice guy as just
    himself, but my! the characters he’s play make me want to do things I’d
    never do. 

  • Howard Fiend  says:

    THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah  says:


  • CorruptionData  says:

    Thats my man.

  • CAMELOT487  says:

    So hot.

  • lovelygirlvira  says:

    really love him!! gosh….i’m in love……

  • GodSent Angel  says:

    My goodness!!! He is SO handsome in this interview

  • Isaac La Vina  says:

    Hell yeah he made male fan-base in “300″, that’s the flick that turned me
    in to his fan!

  • theBbCole  says:

    i love the way he laugh… :) )

  • AliceRoared  says:

    He is so hilarious in The Ugly Truth!

  • hearts000able  says:

    Gerard is so down to earth here ;

  • dannossiel  says:

    sweet,sexy,hot,great sense of humour,amazing voice…omg.

  • solodweller  says:

    I’d love to have mordin as my doctor, but at the same time the prospect
    kind of scares me

  • Joshua De Vera  says:

    so he told her not to swallow? so what if they kissed, instead of the other
    thing, would that still kill her?

  • 1SeniorSmurf  says:

    I am speechless…

  • LVCP  says:

    OOOOH….DEAR GOD!! Mordin you….I have no words!

  • AmocLB21EK  says:

    Shocking suggestion!

  • TheSonOfDumb  says:

    “Ingestion could provoke anaphylactic shock, so don’t… *ahem* …
    ingest.” I lost it at that.

  • Ryuken Hadoken  says:

    @deidarasenpai009 I LOL’D Man I love this shit

  • BandDevilDogs  says:

    Did… Did he show EDI interspecies porn…?

  • Ainsley Harriott  says:

    Translated to hip; bitch don’t swallow

  • jihncrazy  says:

    So dont ingest,kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.I have to make a female to see that .Mordin
    flirts me in that dialogue,kkkkkkkkkkkkk,im male…..

  • jppfeil  says:

    Ooooohhhh Mordin. You troll-tastic … Uh… Alien, you!

  • Falloutfan0117  says:

    as i watched this i was whatching this there was a tv show on about hotdogs
    and the winer mobial

  • LoLo Charr  says:

    well all I’m saying is if i can’t have turian human babies we’re gonna
    adopt some krogan or asari preferably from liara and javik if they do do

  • xfallenxxangelx  says:

    @PtolemyAFX Nah, he and Shepard can have them, they just have to spit.

  • Dreadmercury  says:

    Grunt, im looking in your direction…

  • TheLastBabyMan  says:

    Mordin: Do not… Ingest.. Shepard: Gotcha. *2 hours later* Modrin:
    Shepard, excuse me for asking but, why is there a gaping hole in your

  • mgfan100  says:

    Funny, smart, and an expert on sex with all species? Mordin better be a
    romance option in Mass Effect 3

  • Mewtata  says:

    I can never tell if he’s being serious or not. Particularly because some of
    the advice makes sense, but other stuff… I DON’T KNOW.

  • Dustrick  says:

    I always hated how his head turns first before he walks away.

  • SenMysrana  says:

    “Less alcohol and mood music required”.

  • Silverwyn  says:

    Yes… He did.

  • FinalNinja447  says:

    Shepard Personal Notes: Don’t ingest turian sperm.

  • Jeremy Cantrell  says:

    Why is Mordin not a romance option?

  • Dreadmercury  says:

    Mordin….my face is up here!

  • SupremeSkeletonSquad  says:

    @Nyrufa he’s a scientist salarian he’s study species turian asari and
    batarian he’s quite good at geneitics as a sub-set of biology which he is a
    expert which he knows is a tautology his xeno science studies range from
    urban to agrarian he is the very model of a scientist salarian

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