Gay Women Will Marry / Bang Your Girlfriends

Gay Women Will Marry / Bang Your Girlfriends

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends – Response to College Humor and the Straight Men’s response. Lesbians rule! Support and Legalize Gay Marriage! Click HERE…
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25 comments to Gay Women Will Marry / Bang Your Girlfriends

  • zamxit  says:

    Yeah I know right!!!1one You’re so right you should
    Homosexuality just inevitably, inexorably leads to bestiality and pedophilia, because they are the exact same thing with no drawn margins on mutual consent nor age@@@@!!

  • ThatOneDude822  says:

    haha, I know not all lesbians are like that. She’s actually the first lesbian I’ve seen that was like that :) And don’t worry, she didn’t get to me. I know she’s just a troll, I was just bored one night so I called her out from under her bridge for a little fun, on the off chance that she MIGHT have changed her views (knowing that it was 99.99….% certain she wouldn’t lol). Thanks for the comment though!

  • Jane Andress  says:

    Male homosexuality leads to bestiality and pedophilia. The bible also never says anything about lesbians you liar.

  • Shawty600  says:

    Dude there’s no point in arguing with this moron. I like how you kept your calm though please take it from me (a lesbian). We are not all radicals and psychopaths. People like her give us a bad rep i agree with you on a lot your points have a good day and don’t let ass holes like her get to you-Jordan

  • Shawty600  says:

    First of all PLEASE PLEASE DEAR GOD don’t mention your a lesbian cause i am…..and you are fucking insane dude.How dare you quote the bible against him when it also clearly states woman with woman and man with man get your facts straight moron. Second THE FUCK dude what does it matter? gender? sexual orientation? WHO cares as long as your not stabbing babies idgf what your doing with your life LIVE AND LET LIVE if your not hurting anyone physically n shit no one should care what your doing.

  • Jaime Pazmino  says:

    Straight Men and Gay Men Respond To Gay Men Marrying Other Gay Men and Not Straight Women

  • jraucher  says:

    Not funny. Gay men and straight men response was hilarious tho.

  • doubledispatch  says:

    You are a horrible person.

  • Naveese  says:

    Jane is just a fuckwitted troll.
    And they’re right. The New Testament was Greek; although the Old Testament was Hebrew.

  • anna apoel  says:

    i may not agree with that asshole but it was written in greek

  • 1233cog  says:

    Warning Comment section is a religious battleground

  • Destinee Cherry  says:

    this was fucking hillarious

  • Sara Preston  says:


  • Kyero  says:

    We get it, you think women are better as gays too

  • PrincessCelest  says:

    Umm…. let me go hit my head on the desk for a moment and maybe I can kill off enough brain cells to figure out your comment….. Okay that didn’t work it still looks like your bragging about having the ability to dish out cancer. Evidently you missed the memo where getting pregnant is a painful money pit that the majority of girls are NOT looking for when they decide to have sex.

  • LilySevShipper  says:

    … do you understand what a benefit that is not having to worry about getting pregnant??

  • JaZ Morris  says:

    Too funny and too true.

  • katara314  says:

    Actual definition of Feminism from the Merriam Webster dictionary.
    “The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”.

  • Marshall Bergstrom  says:

    these girls just seem like bitches

  • Mexicancr71  says:

    “Let’s face it” your dildo can’t get someone pregnant!!! HAHAHAHAH BBURNN!! STRAIGTH PRIDE!! QUEERS

  • Mexicancr71  says:

    All gays are going to go to hell. “Lets face it”

  • Jane Andress  says:

    Nope what your spouting is humanism. Feminism is the inherent belief that men subjugate us through the means of patriarchy because they are truly inferior.

  • Jessuu Miao  says:

    it’s “your dick doesn’t vibrate.” xD

  • katara314  says:

    Feminism is equal rights for women. EQUAL. Both genders are equal in Feminism. Misandry is the belief that men are inferior. As a woman, I wholeheartedly disagree with Misandry. Also, you can hardly call ThatOneDude brutish when you don’t even know him.

  • Tiera Danheux  says:


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