Gay and Lesbian Couples Tribute

My latest video tribute to all the lovely gay and this time lesbian couples. As I already said, your love inspires me very much. I do not owe the copyrighted…
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31 comments to Gay and Lesbian Couples Tribute

  • Jacob Hicks  says:

    Rot in hail or repent from your sins to all you stupid faggots all over the
    world. This also goes for bisexual and transgender people.

  • alois trancy  says:

    I don’t know why but this made me cry 

  • 4ata  says:

    @melina786 Thanks! :) I just tried to show gay community without any
    stereotypes and labels that the rest of the world tries to put on us.

  • canberra34  says:

    There are not enough superlatives to fully describe how beautiful this
    video is! Splendid work, @4ata!

  • 4ata  says:

    @ShowTheRealYou Thanks God, there are some people who can understand :)

  • 4ata  says:

    @melina786 Thank you very much!)

  • 4ata  says:

    @blinknjay06 Thanks :)

  • 4ata  says:

    Thank you! :)

  • Funnneral  says:

    I LOVED IT… Hahahahaha watching this kind of videos make me a little sad
    cuz I feel like I’ve been waiting for too long for that special guy and it
    seems I will be waiting longer hahahaha Anyway, thanks for sharing this
    video. It’s very beautiful and moving.

  • xMusicIsMyLife95  says:

    Im gay and im 10000000% sure i wasnt exposed to shit..Im proud of who I am
    and I always will be. Stop spreading bullshit about your beliefs. If all
    youre going to do is hate first of all why are you watching the video?
    second of all why do you think any gives a fuck about your opinion? Fuck
    yourself :) thanks

  • Mattiffh  says:

    Great work ;D

  • 4ata  says:

    @myzackfair02 thank you :)

  • Gh Bouvier  says:

    I loved your movie , this is the best

  • 4ata  says:

    I will, I promise ;) I’m working on some other videos at the moment, but
    when I’m done with them, be sure I’ll make some more like this one!

  • MrsCrazyStrangeGirlx  says:

    I’m almost crying this is so beautiful I’m proud of all of you. It’s sad
    that Gays and Lesbians are treated differently. This is the most beautiful
    thing I have ever seen.

  • kaiak220  says:

    Hello, I loved your video … it is very beautiful … I wanted to ask you:
    you can turn this video into Portuguese (Brazil) …. is that I want to put
    my friends on Facebook to see … there is bad because there is not like
    reading … because many can not read in English .. . Thank you for your
    attention :D

  • 4ata  says:

    @AmiraTiger Haha! You’re welcome ;)

  • ShowTheRealYou  says:

    o_o who can dislike this vid? Its cute/awesome :)

  • nekora89  says:

    Now that is love Beautiful video Hey everyone check this video out

  • Willbur Höfner  says:

    -fucking awesome- me:D

  • ktwarner87  says:

    Thank You President Obama for standing up for the LGBT community……1st
    sitting POTUS to do so!!!!

  • ktwarner87  says:

    pefect song for a perfect movie…….I loved it.

  • MrNordic29  says:

    I’d rather be a gay person, than one of those mocking at them!!

  • SuperBlablablaxxx  says:

    :o I think my eyes welled up with tears somewhere in there :( Thank you.
    For making this video.

  • Eduarth Esquivel Tovar  says:

    Thanks you 4ata 4 this video .. I feel so human now, I feel so because I am
    who I am as I am :)

  • staceydash233  says:

    love the wedding colors and the way it was laid out

  • doreenda  says:

    how old are these ppl?

  • DJacqu8351  says:


  • april80323  says:

    i like this wedding alot,love your colors,, Congratulations to you both..

  • alhammam  says:

    congratulations to the newly weds !

  • Joan albritton  says:

    This was a beautiful wedding

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