Frog weddings in India: You may now kiss the bride

A frog marriage is the latest solution attempted by the inhabitants of Chipoha village in northeastern India to stop the drought that is scorching the region…
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25 comments to Frog weddings in India: You may now kiss the bride

  • Samantha Reeves  says:

    yea if u love someone u wouldnt cheat on them..but then again he is a big
    sweet talker also.. so he might of got what he deserved ..u just gotta
    laugh at people that have no brains or common sense..

  • Dallas  says:

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  • TrollinUrtits Omnom  says:

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  • T'Keyaha Sawyers  says:

    I hate to be that guy/gal… but it’s weird seeing people you know on this
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  • Najmi Zainol  says:

    Shenay looks fucking fake .

  • The Bat Cave  says:

    WTF Jerry! I was on this episode, where was our segment?

  • Mematheone  says:


  • cynthiabrett1107  says:

    Haha ok :)

  • Redrash12  says:

    lol that fat guy reminded me of Roman from GTA IV

  • Izzah Batrisyia  says:

    i think he’s stupid for getting back with her

  • anfcdm0126  says:

    You just a jealous bitch bc shaney got it going on

  • Ryan Brumit  says:

    Some real classy ladies commenting on this video lol. Nasty trailer trash
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  • enderprime  says:

    I always thought Springer was fake, but this is real. I know all these

  • 007xDlol  says:

    lol what a dumbass

  • MrFako100  says:

    stupid guy . And stupid fake show

  • Shannon Hobson  says:

    Maybe you need to watch who you call a whore!

  • MarkVanGarde  says:

    a relationship is like a glass, if its broken you can throw it away

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  • cynthiabrett1107  says:

    And it Shenay .. Gahh. Tara if your gna b her “bestie” at least learn to
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  • Juan Polo  says:

    We had fun

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    White trash. That one ho has one messed up grill- go to the dentist already!

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