Femme Lesbians Explain : Butch Lesbians

How are butch lesbians different than femmes? Watch More! http://bit.ly/LesbiansExplain Sarah and Adrianna : http://youtube.com/UnsolicitedProject Ally : http://youtube.com/ItsAllyHills Steph…
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23 comments to Femme Lesbians Explain : Butch Lesbians

  • Lu  says:

    Me: Haha, they’re not gonna say a single thing that fits me!
    Them: ..Justin Bieber-eybrows..
    Me: wow :o 

  • Luisina Ghibaudo  says:

    I’m sick of all these stereotypes and labels “LESBIANS, FEM LESBIANS, BUTCH
    LESBIANS” OMFG; and you guys seem to be coold about it, which surprises me
    the most. It’s sad to see how people believe what others say. It’s sad to
    see when people don’t use their own eyes and mind to analyse this world. I
    hope u can get my point. Any question, just ask. Peace. 

  • Arielle Scarcella  says:
  • LittleLulubee  says:

    The girl with long, dark hair is ADORABLE <3

  • ashley shell  says:

    Ally Hills, I love that Dana L word reference!!! Miss Dana sm!

  • Amy Rene  says:

    “butch in the sheets, femme in the sheets” lol hilarious 

  • Anna Remington  says:

    When I visited London, England the “butch” and “fem” roles were described
    as a state of mind not based on your appearance and attitude. I think here
    in America we judge and label people to quickly. Look outside the box and
    ask more folks on a different level.

  • TheSykelolShow  says:

    I love lesbians explain

  • Max Rivers  says:

    Can you have more collabs with Adrianna and Sarah?! They’re totally

  • Maria e Malu.  says:

    My girlfriend and I just uploaded a new video and I would really appreciate
    it if anyone with an few minutes could go watch! thanksss :D 

  • LanguageMan1  says:

    LOL! OMG! You we’re all just too funny! But, 1:54 hit it on the head, yet
    it’s not true that every straight woman loves a butch lesbian, but there
    ARE a lot that do. It’s like a lot of other things that people say that
    people like, men like, women like but not everyone does.

  • ClassicRockEnthusiast  says:

    there is no fucking difference between “femme” lesbians and “butch”
    lesbians, both like women and are not attracted to men, so why the fuck do
    we care what they look like? people always fucking say masculine and
    feminine, are you really that closed-minded that 1. you think there are
    only 2 gender identities and 2. that a woman can’t have short hair?

  • SunnyAegyoify3  says:

    Alllyyyyyy!!!!!! <3

  • poserexposernick1  says:

    Crispay that’s from the l word! Haha love Dana!

  • hobbitta  says:

    Hey the pillow talkers!

  • 117MCT  says:

    Why don’t you put some butch women on your channels so we can learn about

  • Valeska Vesuvius  says:

    Me: Butch lesbians are hot, that is what they are lol.

  • Talia al Ghul  says:


  • Alyssa Jennings  says:

    Is it possible to be a butch and also wear makeup?

  • angelica brown  says:

    It killed me when ally turned to torey and asked her

  • Zak Chancey  says:

    If homosexuality is natural, why does one or the other partner in most
    instances always take on a more masculine or feminine role? wouldn’t you
    just be sexually attracted to a person just like you?

  • Pizza Girl  says:

    I laughed so hard but this is so true LOL

  • Boo Stover  says:

    Lucky me, my wife loves butch women. Especially this butch woman.

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