Emmerdale – Debbie & Jasmine Part 1

Some of my favourite and cute moments of Debbie and Jasmine relationship Part 1-2 Be the first to know about updates by following me on twitter – http://twit…

25 comments to Emmerdale – Debbie & Jasmine Part 1

  • PKMN4EVER  says:

    That damn priest keeps coming in the room at all of the wrong times!!! -_-

  • Ori D'momsen  says:

    this can seen pretty much like ”drama queen”, but sometimes its kinda
    does happens like that, i mean when people is very religious…the amount
    of dramas is majestic (oh i just realize they kill the man so… its kinda
    dramatic, but still the argument i put here is valid?¿) at least it was in
    my case when i came out…and then i’ve to fake it and went back to the
    closet, other wise i’ll be homeless rigth now, not even kidding.

  • kristina pinzari  says:

    dumb ass priest wont let love take its course 

  • BoukenCrimson  says:

    I wonder if that line in Asylum of the Daleks was a reference to this.

  • Ale winter  says:

    +Spiritu Sancti EXTERMINATE

  • evah flamenco  says:

    Someone could upload this serie translated to the spanish? Please!

  • WunPrChula  says:

    Clara Oswin! I mean Jenna! Lol. The Impossible Girl.

  • Spiritu Sancti  says:

    disgusting bitches

  • Lars Vogel  says:

    Emmerdale Farm ?

  • LunaArgentum10  says:

    Ashley was actually really sweet. He’s a good guy.

  • djcoolstieveanna  says:

    no shit sherlock -_- lol

  • ilivefordrama  says:

    Oh my god. It’s oswin!!!

  • Stéphanie Scott  says:

    le personnage de Jasmine, est-ce que c’est Maddie Coleman dans As the world
    turns. Alexandra chando. elle ressemble beaucoup.

  • pokejom  says:

    Debbie’s real name was nina but she legally changed it and jasmines real
    name was clara and she changed it to save the doctor from Shane Doyle
    because Shane Doyle was the great intelligence

  • Kokori Charmed  says:

    You forget Nina.

  • emmzywhoo  says:

    @farahzawawi93 search DJ dec 1 08 onwards its a crackin storyline

  • Danielle Winters  says:

    And she couldn’t have stayed lesbian… why?

  • Jaya allen  says:

    I can’t find this show on Netflix, where might it be

  • OriginalLebster  says:

    I disagree, Sian sounds a bit cuter xD She’s super whiny when she talks :D

  • pancakesailship  says:

    So, Clara, this must “Rory” eh?

  • SteffidaWhovian13  says:

    Omg in the first one she looks so young xx

  • Speculoosful  says:

    @pwermann5000 Oh my god!! at the exact moment i read your comment i thought
    the same thing! she has the sian’s voice!! it’s like i could just close my
    eyes it’d sound like i was wathing Corronation street!

  • I'ts Alexandría  says:

    @Mickey jon david Senior

  • TimeWolf97  says:

    haha. yeah. i tend to get a bit too into things when i’m on the internet. :)

  • Layen Walker  says:

    I had to tidy my room and I was like “Crap, I have to do it huh?….OH too
    cute girls!” xD I am the most stupid girl in this planet!

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