Eloïse (Lesbian Movie) – Lost In You

The 24th BFI London L&G Film Festival website states : “A sensuous and ethereal story of two young women falling in love for the first time.” Young, beautifu…

Im giving you ten reasons why to be a lesbian!

50 comments to Eloïse (Lesbian Movie) – Lost In You

  • Nidia Vega  says:


  • Sonia Perez  says:

    I didn’t get the ending , the girl dies but at the end , she’s in the bus
    with her lover ? Her mom was a bitch !!

  • Caitlyn Gray  says:

    See so sweet!!!

  • maddybum111  says:

    sensual wow very hot

  • simone strickland  says:

    Great movie horrible but emotional ending thx for posting very nice

  • JcrushX3  says:

    They look so cute together ! and what’s the song?

  • Sav  says:


  • Géssica Flausino  says:

    Beautiful *———-*

  • Stashlie Jennings  says:

    lesbian and proud <3

  • Mélanie Velásquez  says:


  • laralawless  says:

    Beautiful movie

  • jess Wu  says:

    sad ending

  • Drea6066  says:


  • NotToMe  says:

    @JcrushX3 Olivia Broadfield - Lost in You

  • mjelay122412  says:


  • احمذ الاحمري  says:


  • julia marie  says:

    that’s because you’ve never seen me my dear :) i’m neither fat nor ugly
    andd definetly don’t look like men ( i hate penis why should i look like

  • Lolo gorga  says:

    @tigersforchrist Fuck u! I’m bisexual and my mommas lesbian! Obviously u
    come from a fucked up family to be unaccepting of others

  • Avril Boyd  says:

    where can i watch this movie for free?

  • taty520  says:

    Love it!!!

  • mjelay122412  says:

    Stashlie jenning…want to talk to you

  • cupidilidily  says:

    Ohhhh! Great song. :) and video :)

  • Shiny2337  says:

    Eloise (Ariadna Cabrol) most beauty girl I ever seen

  • grrrbiteme  says:

    @xotishh hey.. ive been searching for a link with English subs for AGES
    wold love it if you could share the link.

  • Paolo Yates  says:

    You guys are fucked up you know how many people got flagged watching this

  • Sean Lewis  says:

    All you need is one reason your mentally fucked up lmbo

  • DarkFrogr  says:

    I don’t like your title. It makes the ignorant masses think being gay /
    straight / bi a choice. 

  • joe a  says:

    You sound EXTREMLY selfish when you say guys didn’t know what they were
    doing in bed. A guy is going to do what he “thinks” you like in bed. It’s
    like faking an orgasm, now he’s going to think that’s your hot spot, and he
    simply will not know how to please you. I can tell you right now, this
    girl, straight or lesbian is not an open lover.

  • yoda cat  says:

    Your accent turns me on.

  • Frankly Honest :P  says:

    Not all men honey, some know what they’re doing and your title is a bit
    biased… I like girls as well but it also wasn’t a choice, in fact if I
    could choose not to well in the past I would not but now I’m just embracing
    me and I actually love it that way :) stay pretty

  • ♥ηєσηgαℓαχιєѕ AJ♥  says:

    You sound like PewDiePie..

  • MrPlasticScrewdriver  says:

    >implying it’s a choice

  • Indigo Temptress  says:

    Men are still going to approach you regardless of what you dress like. The
    numbers may be smaller when you wear baggy/boyish clothes, but many
    studs/AG’s still get approached by men because at the end of the day
    they’re still women

  • brynnisawesome  says:

    be my friend pls

  • Amen Omar  says:

    wow u are sick I think you need to see a doctor or at least make good 10
    reasons to be a lesbian

  • BboySpikey  says:

    Are you still a lesbian?

  • Justine Kessler  says:

    I watched this about 1-2 years ago when I was straight… I got annoyed
    with you, I’m like ugh totally not true guuuuurl lol and I was just hiding
    my sexual orientation or something, now I’m like this butch lesbian and I
    agree completely lol btw still haven’t come out to my parents, I want short
    hair too xD my parents won’t let me, I actually think they would let me cut
    it if I told them I was lesbian

  • Arizona Robbins  says:

    Hearts in the right place but your reasons are rather dumb. I’m a lesbian,
    I love tv, makeup, dressing girly, and girls can be EXTREMELY fake. That’s
    just a bad set of reasons. You make our lives in the lgbt community sound
    really shitty and kinda gross. So please take a moment and think before you
    speak you’ve insulted lesbians all over. Keep on being gay just stop making
    videos, PLEASE! 

  • George Calistru  says:

    You need a doctor, is much better to love a man.

  • Ogrul Ogrumbul Hawtrey  says:

    this proves that homosexuals are just perverts

  • Sarah Smith  says:
  • Scholes Pina  says:

    you are hot :) .

  • Batuhan Han  says:

    what a sweet accent

  • Hell No  says:

    Why do you hate men? Or do you mean just the sleazy creeps? Cause I’m a man
    and I don’t hate women or lesbians or whatever :S

  • Grace Robertson  says:

    Lol true many guys can’t find a girls g-spot

  • Shannon Harrison  says:

    Thank you, :) I know that this video was uploaded in 2007 but this made me
    smile :D I, myself am lesbian and I agree with what you are saying!!! :D 

  • John McYourney  says:

    You’re a stupid cunt, there are plenty of ugly girls and I like girls
    better without make-up. I’m sure there is at least 1 guy in the world that
    knows how to finger a girl, and if he does it wrong, teach him how to do
    it, it’s your fault he’s doing it wrong. You are generalizing both sexes,
    every individual is different.

  • jakoda urbach  says:

    number 6 rules!!

  • needypoops  says:

    Cluck cluck. Pull your head out yo ass.

  • Sallysinger94  says:

    I still want to wear makeup and nice clothes for the girls…

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