Dating Tips From A Creepy Boy

Romance is the expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction towards another person associated with love. In the context of romantic love r…
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18 comments to Dating Tips From A Creepy Boy

  • latashanay jones  says:

    Hey we should talk ´╗┐

  • The haunted ghost channel and scary movies and dating advice  says:
  • Alex Santos  says:

    I would love to date a gammer girl´╗┐

  • JrGaming  says:

    Make sure to submit any gameplay you have for Player of the Week!

  • xRumley  says:

    Epic Video John

  • TheOfficialMyth  says:

    Haha, Great video John! =)

  • Molda22  says:

    I definitely envy you :) I would love to have girlfriend that is into
    gaming. With my last girlfriend (6 years) i was happy when i managed to
    somehow convince her to play at least Lego Harry Potter on xbox with me :D
    because she loves HP series. Even though it’s not my kind of game i really
    enjoyed it. So to have a girlfriend that could regularly play with me some
    games, that could talk with me about games. Wow that must be epic :)

  • headshotoneO1  says:

    Great gameplay

  • The Abdul Show  says:

    wow beast gameplay

  • JrGaming  says:

    Thanks man

  • LORD Clan  says:

    can i be player on the week

  • JrGaming  says:

    Yeah if you have some good gameplay :)

  • Atrexitive  says:

    Well i dont like my Girlfriend playing games bc the way guys treat her, i
    cant stand when stupid kids get on xbox talking about nasty things & and
    trying to hit on my gf.. not cool

  • GhostlyGringo  says:

    girl gamers are cool, but i like them to have a girly side as well

  • LORD Clan  says:

    u sub me and can u also sponsor me man

  • Alec Oates  says:

    Amen Brudda.

  • JrGaming  says:

    TheRagingFury is Boss!

  • Alex88156  says:

    I have a decent swarm game if you want to use it

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