Dating and Dating site senior dating glasgow

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25 comments to Dating and Dating site senior dating glasgow

  • Abdoul  says:

    is it gay if u have a boner during is it gay?

  • Tom Glancey  says:

    no he tried out but there was no professionals allowed

  • Bruce Say  says:


  • Rick r  says:

    he said sumthin bout ice cream and porn

  • Ed Menjivar  says:

    skipping is gay if guy for a girl no

  • James Carmody  says:

    why do people whistle

  • Mathieu Jeanson  says:

    I think the guy from the second audio submision might go to your house and
    rape you because he sounded sort of like a molester… Prepare your anus!

  • toXic viRus01  says:

    How do u have so much energy?

  • spartum1337  says:

    i hang out with lesbians. it not that of a deal i hang with gays. not werid
    for me

  • extremegamer77777  says:

    Hard vs blake3one6

  • Gwreck562  says:

    Smoking actual grass!!! Hahahahah LMAO

  • narukehiroshima  says:

    I bet no one wouod look this one up. Girl on girl on guy on llama on sheep

  • cklanck2  says:

    I didn’t underStand what the one dude said, but i stoll feel kinda bad for
    him since you spent like 2 minutes mocking him xD

  • chinifilyjeremy  says:

    Is chiz actually gay?

  • cece160797  says:

    wtf dat first guy was gay as f**ck! :P

  • Cris Hernandez  says:

    Its not gay the first one just a guy happy as hell to have a long dick….I
    got one all the time

  • Anton Thorbøll  says:


  • Griff G  says:

    BI as fuck, not lesbian BISEXUAL otherwise we dont get the 3-way goodness!

  • TheNarutocards  says:


  • Mortalfreak876  says:

    its not gay porn…. its homosexual porn….

  • Nate Dogg  says:

    lesbians bruh!! FTWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilq1o  says:


  • simon kristiansen  says:


  • Chitown Bhawk  says:

    i thought the two words were ur gay

  • davie200100  says:

    I dont understand this guy is fat and ugly and shit and apparently he has
    had sex with every girl i bet 95% of his storys are fake But either way I

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