Coaching Testimonial from Sarah of Art of Relationship

Coaching Testimonial from Sarah of Art of Relationship

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How would lesbians die in a scary movie? Crazy Bitches : Their Website : If Lesbians Actually Acted Like Men :…
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25 comments to Coaching Testimonial from Sarah of Art of Relationship

  • JaclynGlenn  says:

    I think God would smite me. That’s how I’d go ;) 

  • Kaycee K  says:

    I am most conceited about my intellect and my command of the language.
    Thus, I would certainly be beaten to a bloody death by ghoulish headmasters
    armed with my very own books.

  • Violet Bach  says:

    Well I’m cliché and feel like I would die forever alone so I just might die
    from the pure shock of actually getting a gf

  • zoe bezz  says:

    I was like well I don’t really have anything…….
    I was like I’m really proud of my dancing sometimes. Like DUDE what you
    gonna do? DANCE me to death. do the waltz WITH KNIVES. The flamingo into
    FIRE. break dancing ON THE ROOF. come at me bro! :D 

  • Zizka Zenit  says:

    Only on this channel.

  • BriaAndChrissy  says:

    OMG this is the funniest video!!!!!! Soooo good!! 

  • UnsolicitedProject  says:

    We would probably die from getting hit by a bus trying to stalk Kristen
    Stewart…. BUT WHAT A WAY TO GO.

  • Casey Garrison  says:

    Hmm…. I have a Mohawk and I’m pretty proud of it. Just recently trimmed
    my sides so I could see myself getting killed in a salon. Hair stylist
    turns the chair too much and slices my throat with a shaver xD

  • xWeirdox13  says:

    Who killed Jenny Schecter?

  • Lola Winchester  says:

    So I would probably get crushed by my bookshelves(books and writing),
    strangled by headphones(music) or just get killed because I was being too
    sarcastic at the worst moment

  • Tyger Darkeye  says:

    An internet predator would probably find me. I’m so obssessed with the

  • Catherine White  says:

    Hmm I would probably be killed by my male ex for sleeping with my female
    best friend while we were together. We had an open relationship which he
    often took advantage of, but I was picky and never felt a strong enough
    attraction to use my open status. One night my favorite girl friend stayed
    over and we had a few drinks, and yeah, you get the picture! So the next
    morning my BF and I are arguing about her (my boyfriends always hate her
    for some reason :/) and he says to me, “Look, I want you to promise me
    you’ll never sleep with (her), got it??” Me: “….Ok…….” I never told
    him lol. I love your channel Arielle! <3 

  • Kristen Giebelstein  says:

    Just casually scrolling through my subscriptions and I see arielles

  • TearsOfAGirl  says:

    I would totally die from time, being on time….so maybe a grandfather
    clock would fall on me….yeah

  • Ivy M.  says:

    Gangbanged because i like this natural human thing that is not socially
    okay for me to speak about in the Asian community.

  • VideoGamePro  says:

    Me? Probably getting fucked by everyone, that would be a death i would not
    like at all sense i’m Asexual. Now GIVE ME THAT HAT!

  • Amir Khadar  says:

    I wish there could be a gay people movie that wasn’t just censored porn…
    Like idk maybe a real life romance or more flying kids and singing animals
    Idk *sarcasm*…

  • AshleyMarie D.  says:

    A bookshelf will fall on me and then I’d be eaten by cats 


    It would be starvation because im addicted to food

  • Sarah Kleinman  says:

    My death: Cause- Drowns in a pool of Nutella

  • Phantom Hope  says:

    Great video. I think I would die by impaling my eye on an eyeliner pencil,
    because I am super vain about my eyes and really clumsy.

  • Elli Yo  says:

    I would die because of a bunch of naked clowns who all hit me with their
    penises. O.O
    I want that shirt. *-*
    Arielle you are so great :D 

  • GuitaristJd  says:

    +Arielle Scarcella will you be my youtube wife

  • Kait Dunn  says:

    I am very proud and protective of my pet rats. They are beautiful and no
    one can tell me otherwise.
    I assume I would die in this movie by my darling babies multiplying by the
    dozens before scampering up my body to enter into any orifice they could
    fit only to eat ny flesh from the inside out.
    I think that is certainly horror movie worthy. x 

  • Tonita Lynne  says:

    I would probably die from boredom lol

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