Black Women Discuss Relationships | BLAC Detroit

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  • Rebmetpes4  says:


  • Jahmal R. Standley  says:

    What the fuck does coupled mean?? Lol. So your in a long distance
    relationship and your priorities are? Some of these women are foolish! Lol.
    They don’t want to honor God, and they wonder why it’s not happening for
    them. Going to church with a man that’s screwing you unmarried

  • Jahmal R. Standley  says:

    Unmarried is out of order. Career first will always leave you ass out. They
    want to twist Gods commandments to be what they can love by. God bless
    them:(( it’s gonna be a hard road

  • Jahmal R. Standley  says:

    The average sista loses her mind after the requirements of marriage kick
    in. Sistas focus too much on being married, the wedding, having the man.
    But desire very little focus to be on the design of a functional spirit
    filled wife. This is why we are failing as a people. Men don’t desire
    marriage simply because Jezebel is destroying the nurturing spirit of the

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