Black Ribbon (Full Movie – Horror) – watch MORE free movies on Black Ribbon is an intriguing, and suspenseful tale of horror with its taunting, and …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Lesbian Dance Party !!

Women-only party, because women really likes women! Festa só de Mulheres, Porque Mulher gosta mesmo é de Mulher !

33 comments to Black Ribbon (Full Movie – Horror)

  • wet sprocket  says:

    crappy very youtube like…

  • Henry Henkle  says:

    total B-movie horror flick but it kept my interest enough to watch the
    whole thing. The ending was kinda funny.

  • Gorr Warrior  says:

    This movie gave me AIDS!!!

  • nicole napuli asares  says:

    i saw something in the man´s underwear…holy shit..he didnt even washed
    his ass!! and the girl is having oral sex with him..wooff !!

  • Lorin Stoll  says:

    Worst acting ever. They must of watched the Stupid Dove Syndrome that the
    other commenters mention below…>

  • مدونة الـــنـــاجح  says:

    My overweight cousin managed to make the most incredible stripper there is
    in my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System
    (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I was excited for him but I dream a
    phenomenal person would fall for me. I am extremely jealous. Does that mean
    I’m a horrible human being?

  • sunil Jeremias  says:

    You know that horrible stage when your good friend (who’s been a loser for
    all of eternity) gets an unbelievable woman to fall in love with him in 3
    weeks?! Yeah, that basically occurred. I am aware I should be happy
    nevertheless I want it to be me. He smiled as he told me he ran the Cupid
    Love System (Search in Google for it). I wish to hide out in a cave as we

  • kundan gupta  says:


  • Esmeralda Hissam  says:

    debbie does dallas

  • loverfaithful  says:

    this is the best

  • George Ace  says:

    total crap like ALL youtube movies.

  • Vanessa Allday  says:

    CHEAP S STUFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lonehorseman09  says:

    total filth and garbage from people who cant break into the media on any
    level including porn. a sad homage to h.g.lewis and gary heidnik. i like
    the italian maid though.

  • MegaTrash101  says:


  • SafeSocks  says:

    Such a rich amalgam of bad plot, bad acting, gratuitous silicon, “awful”
    does not even begin to cover it. I have to disagree with a previous
    commenter, this is not so bad it’s good, it’s just plain BAD!

  • cathy sloane  says:

    oh wow how kak is this!!! sigh really!!!

  • Dan WarrenTerra  says:

    57:57 Worth watching for that at least.

  • KongoOttov2  says:

    What the fuck did i just watch? Holy shit, what a piece of crap.

  • Melinda Bean  says:

    could be alot better,more like real,not fake.

  • Ann-Marie Mate  says:

    LOL LOLOMG!!!! This is to funny!!

  • Lori Ramirez  says:

    Scary! The end makes the movie!

  • maelyswolf  says:

    Ha ha My mom had one of those coffee pots!!!

  • DeniseSplace  says:

    This is not horror. It is raw, disgusting port. Thumbs WAAAAY DOWN!

  • humair iqbal  says:

    time west

  • Alexus Shelton  says:

    omg this was so freaking terrible…..are you kidding me?????

  • nadia rowe  says:

    It’s “gross” and “nasty”, but you idiots looked it up and looked at it?
    lmao, losers.

  • Taiwo Fambegbe  says:


  • Ricardo Abreu  says:

    Chama o Kid Bengala, para ver como ele não acaba com essa palhaçada! KKKKKKK

  • Joyce Almem  says:

    Q delícia

  • mariasevilla30  says:


  • Renata Leão  says:

    Que coisa boaaaa! :)

  • mariaeduarda8486  says:

    amo d+

  • Andamio de Enfrente  says:

    A bailar asi en la fiesta del andamio!!

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