Black Or White

Black Or White

In the newest installment of the Pep Band Saga your favorite comedic lesbian tackles her racist views. How will she cope when she learns she is 13% Native Am…
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15 comments to Black Or White

  • stormguy110  says:

    Fuck you motherfucker. I will burn you alive if i was to find you.

  • cupcakeeater15  says:

    whyd u watch it then u nigger?

  • ivjr1  says:


  • stormguy110  says:

    This thing is not funny at all. Do you know how it feels to be looked
    different/down by others? Forgetting the other many effects, Do you know
    that many blacks suffer health issues because of racism and die 5-10 years
    earlier than whites? Trust me things will be different by then. Anyways,
    you will find what it feels to be a minority by around 2050.

  • noirpoetix  says:

    i think what the video is doing is making FUN of racism..they aren’t

  • Rdiamond1  says:

    come suck my dick white bitch

  • lilbouncey  says:

    omg HAHAHAHAH my best friend is blak n im latin but gotta admit that shit
    is funny

  • stormguy110  says:

    Whores!!! you will be the minorities bitches. Go ahead hate, discriminate,
    make fun of us now. But you have to remember that Karma is a bitch. You’ll
    be the minority in few years from now. Fuck you

  • Ben Phillips  says:

    Thank You! You are quite right. I would never make fun of people of
    different races. I’m white, I have several Spanish friends, Black cousins,
    and an Asian friend. We all think that racism is ridiculous, you can tell
    by the opening disclaimer. So, I don’t get why everybody else thinks this
    is racist. Thank you again “NOIRPOETIX” for being able to see the truth.

  • herrerav  says:

    “black 17? i’m like balck GROSS”…LMAO!!

  • Rdiamond1  says:

    hey white girl come suck my daddy’s dick but first take a bath you smell
    like a wet dog and you have fleas.

  • John Metzler  says:

    it everyone only who care white only.

  • cupcakeeater15  says:

    oh yes im sure you would

  • BlingBlingDo  says:


  • yurube157  says:

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