Bisexuals Respond To : “What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals”

Bisexuals respond to what the lesbians think about them. Watch The Original Video : GIRLS in order of appearance :…

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  • sepiasiren  says:

    Bisexuals Respond To : “What Lesbians Think About Bisexuals”

    Wow–interesting take on how lesbians view bisexuals…dude….

  • Zepharius Be  says:

    I’m pansexual and I can’t count the amount of times people asked me if I
    was attracted to metal pans. o-o

  • sepiasiren  says:

    As a bisexual, I don’t like the idea that they think threesomes are on the
    table. I tend to be monogamous in whatever relationship I am in. I am more
    sexually bisexual too. I wouldn’t want a relationship with a woman which is
    why I never dated a lesbian but another bi woman.

  • Kyo Jane  says:

    Personally i have encountered so much hate anytime i’ve told people i’m
    bisexual, and you know what? The hate i have personally experienced has
    come 90% from Gay guys and Lesbians. The reaction from straight people is
    usually intrigue, where as the reaction from a member of the lgbt community
    is that i’m a poser or doing it for attention, or that i wanna explore
    sexually with girls so i can attract a man. Personally i don’t understand
    this reaction at all. From people who fight so hard to be understood and
    fairly treated by society, yet you judge me for MY sexual orientation. Now
    i’m not saying this is everyone’s opinion, of course it’s not. However, as
    this video and this comments section illustrates, there is still a lot of
    discontent and leaving out the b from lgbt. I think a lot of it may stem
    from feeling like a bisexual person can identify as straight if needed and
    therefore perhaps has not went through the same strife as someone who is
    openly gay. This is untrue, again personally, i have never hidden in the
    sexuality of the group i’m with. I’m open about my bisexuality at all
    times, and receive so much grief for it. My worst experience of this was at
    a house party where the majority were gay. The night calmed down and
    everyone ended up sharing coming out stories. When it was my turn to talk i
    was shut down laughed at and told i didn’t have a coming out story cause
    i’m not gay. That hurt and left a mark. When will we stop hurting each
    other because of differences? Even in our own community. Hurray gay and
    lesbian movies and tv shows are becoming common and popular… oh but
    almost every one of them has dissed bisexuals… I think we all just need
    to think more before we speak. Think about how you’ve been made to feel
    left out, hurt or less than because you’re different, before you label a
    bisexual as a faker or make them feel less than.

  • xAbominationx  says:

    Here’s the problem with ‘Bi’ girls… I have hardly ever met one. Virtually
    every (read every single) one I’ve known is just experimenting. And that’s
    fine if the person they are with is in the same place in life. But it’s
    fucked up for a person doing that to involve themselves with someone else,
    to have someone else become emotionally invested in them during their
    experimental “phase.” So yeah… Selfish is the word I’d pick.

  • Fleur Forsyte  says:

    Every “bisexual” I’ve ever met is married to a man.

  • CDG  says:

    Bisexuality is REAL. I’m so sick of being judged by both straight AND gay
    people. You would think the latter in particular would be more
    understanding; they’re judged for their sexuality too.

  • nikkijaneallison  says:

    The bible says Adam AND Eve, so I sleep with both of them.
    It’s also called the BIble not straightble or gayble. Duh. I’m just
    following God’s words.

  • jodawgsup  says:

    these lesbians should shoot themselves in the head
    they are no more or less discriminative than people saying they dislike gay
    pieces of shit.

  • ConCoClem  says:

    Uuuuuh, no bi guys? I’m bi and a guy, and i dont see that very often :-/

  • racky rookson  says:

    Gay and lesbian people are jealous of bisexuals and the freedom we have in
    this life that they do not and never will have. Yes I CAN come and go from
    the gay village to the straight bar any time I want. Jealous? Yes I can
    hold a partners hand half the time without people snickering. Jealous?
    Yes I can decide to marry a same sex partner and have a much easier life.
    Jealous? Ha Hahahahahahahahaha! Hate us all you want but just know that
    we get so much MORE out of our lives than you and it’s very obvious you
    envy and resent our freedom. 

  • Gerlinda137  says:

    If I would like to marry a man in the future, but I have already fallen in
    love with girls twice (exactly fallen in love, not attracted by their
    bodies or smth) – am I a bisexual? 

  • Alanna Hart  says:

    I get pissed when I hear lesbians dissing bis. Then I fancy a chick, she
    tells me she’s bi and I get turned off. It’s got nothing to do with
    misunderstanding bis, it’s more about people labelling themselves bisexual
    when they mean bi-curious. Happens a lot. 

  • brieanna desiree  says:

    i dont have a problem with bisexuals . but there was just one bisexual girl
    who tore everything down for me . we dated 4 times in a 2 year time span .
    and 2 moments just killed it for me . one day while i was depressed at a
    party that she forced me to go she pulled me into the bathroom and held me
    while i cried she was telling me how amazing i am and how i shouldnt be
    doing this to myself it was amazing and i loved it . after we left the
    bathroom she ran to her boyfriend and they were kissing and then she later
    told me to spot for her while her and her boyfriend have sex (reminder this
    entire time she knew i liked her and i thought she liked me ) then a few
    weeks after that she invited me over we ate food and watched netflix then a
    little later we started cuddling i was facetiming my best friend sam while
    she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone . our lips were brushing and
    her eyes were focused on my lips a few pecks happened here and there but
    nothing real and every time she said “i love you” to her boyfriend she
    would rub my thigh basically she was saying it to me . everything was
    perfect . until her boyfriend said “are you still with that lesbian freak”
    “do i have to beat her ass” i snapped back to reality and i just cried i
    grabbed my things and walked home . i just met up with her yesterday and
    she while we were there she took my waist and pulled me close to her and
    told me that she missed me and because my forehead is like at her chin she
    leaned down and kissed my forehead and after that she was gone . 

  • StarlightFox5  says:

    I’ve dated bisexuals before as a lesbian myself. Yes, They have all left me
    for men. Doesn’t mean they always will though. I do prefer dating full
    lesbians, just because I do get jealous at times, but I would never turn
    down a girl just because she’s bi. I would also never call bisexuals
    greedy, that’s just annoying. Bisexuals have it rough because of the fake
    bisexuals, and the fact that most gays and lesbians do come out as bi
    first. Still, to anyone who is bisexual, keep moving forward and be proud
    that you’re you. Sure enough, you’ll meet someone who doesn’t care what
    your sexuality is. :) 

  • theMoporter  says:

    “Well, it’s much easier to tell bisexuals to suck it up than to fix the
    problems in the lesbian community! :)
    No, this is totally on lesbians.

  • Haven Loup Garou  says:

    My policy is that in order for us to date you have to be Havensexual. Don’t
    care about your interest in men or women, just have an interest in me and
    be loyal. 

  • Savannah Ramirez  says:

    “Bisexuals are greedy and confused,”

    This is true. I love money and I’m failing math class.

  • Anthony Rizzo  says:

    Why would a lesbian be interested in a bisexual woman? Doesn’t the whole
    premise of swinging to the other end of the spectrum where lesbians will
    not go mean that, that relationship already has restrictions? What is the
    lesbian supposed to do when the bisexual woman craves the intimacy of a man?

    Another question is this: How comfortable are bisexual woman dating
    bisexual men? Is this even possible? Can a bisexual woman in a committed
    relationship with a bisexual man feel completely comfortable sharing her
    bed with a woman knowing that her man is sharing his bed with another man?
    How does the dynamic of such a relationship really play out?

  • DEVO  says:

    “We all like vagina, what’s the issue?” RIGHT!

  • Spiffy Turtle  says:

    2nd Hand Dick. ::Blah:: No thanks. I don’t get why Bisexuals don’t date
    other Bisexuals

  • Destiny Godwin  says:

    Bisexual in all ways or forms. You have a penis? Cool. You have a vagina?

  • Mattea Williams  says:

    For a long time after I started questioning my sexuality I identified as
    bisexual, but I have come to realize that what I thought was attraction to
    men was just a longing for close friendship which I took for romantic
    attraction because my family and I had always assumed I was straight. Every
    time I had a boyfriend, he was really more like either a formal friend to
    show of to my girl friends or just a really close friend. I now know that I
    am attracted to only girls romantically and sexually, and it’s a great
    realization for me.
    However, I do acknowledge that there are people who identify as bisexual
    their whole lives and I respect that. I know that their feelings are real
    and I feel that I have no reason to deny them that. I would not turn down a
    girl just because she is bisexual. As long as we both like each other,
    what’s the issue if she’s into guys too? As long as we stay faithful to
    each other, there’s nothing wrong with that. :) 

  • KrixOfficial  says:

    just going to say first, I’m a male bisexual, now to get on with this. I
    think what we need is a new term, like “long term bisexual” or something
    like that, to set us appart from the people who ARE just going through a
    phase and the people who are just experimenting or confused

  • Yullenator  says:

    …I tried to like it twice just because of the mention of Queer as Folk.

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