Best Wedding Dance Ever – Flash Mob Style 2014

The best wedding first dance of 2014 yet. Leanne and Als first wedding dance – mini flash mob style! Great first dance with a bit of a twist on the others. B…
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“Marriage customs have undergone many profound changes in the past few centuries. Contemporary American brides and grooms don’t meet for the first time at th…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 comments to Best Wedding Dance Ever – Flash Mob Style 2014

  • sean lautenbach  says:

    Great Video And God Bless 

  • pythongamingmedia  says:
  • Carlos Danger  says:

    Just give me the money!

  • Lisa Hillesland  says:
  • Allan Weber  says:

    Finally some one that feels the same about gifts as my self :) 

  • beastachu's youtube subscriptions  says:

    Do We Even Need Wedding Gifts Anymore?

  • spenna123  says:

    It’s pretty common in Australia to have a wishing well. You just throw a
    card in there with money in it instead of gifts.

  • P Johal  says:

    Give money instead. That’s what we do at Sikh weddings

  • JimbosVids1968  says:

    Now that liberals have fucked the meaning and value of Marriage, who gives
    a crap

  • Gable Rodriguez  says:

    13 shoe size

  • serina sommer  says:

    the length of the expiration date is pretty reasonable though and what else
    do you get for somebody who’s picky or has everything except money?

  • Angel Ortiz  says:

    agree gifts are pain in the ass

  • Raymond Groot  says:

    I’ve asked my family to not buy me a birthday gift anymore for a few years
    in a row, I’ve included the suggestion that if they insisted they could
    donate something to a charity I was involved with instead of a gift. People
    refuse to not give me anything – and it’s not cause I’m awesome, it’s
    because it is a forced habit where they give me something, and once it’s
    their birthday they expect something back. In the end we’ll all end up with
    stuff we don’t really need nor want.


    Only self-centered a piece of crap would not buy their friends a wedding

  • OZEZIES  says:

    That true..

  • Anna madsen  says:

    we even gif rolaty gift wen they not need they have chassels and and no
    gift to churthes and so on take the crown jewls and sell them

  • StellaOMGLee  says:

    If you have everything you need, why not ask your guests to make a donation
    to a charity instead of bringing a gift.

  • ralphinator2  says:

    If you don’t want thousands of dollars of wedding debt, the solution is not
    to ask guests to bring money. The solution is to not spend money that you
    can’t afford on the wedding.

  • thegreattuck  says:

    i agree fuck presents

  • Loathomar  says:

    The average age for first marriage is 28.9 for men and 26.9 for women. And
    really, I think wedding gifts are changing. The gifts can and often should
    be be things like money for the honeymoon or even money towards the down
    payment of a home. As wedding cost $25k+ on average, it seems reasonable
    for the guess to bring something too.

  • Justinisinthebuildin  says:

    It was an arranged marriage anyway.

  • DaBears WAM  says:

    World wide ban! I’m with ya Cenk.

  • Nate P  says:

    What’s more useful is to not have overpriced weddings.

  • Tomas Baker  says:

    I married my wife when she was 18. How do you have kids if you get married
    in your 30s? You’re already too old for kids!

  • DragonoftheEastblu  says:

    Wow really? This is a topic? Have we drifted so far away from what marriage
    is that we’re debating over giving gifts? Pathetic.

  • Shinobi3213  says:

    @UnderTheRaiin STFU

  • Oceiota  says:

    Where I live, it is an unsaid rule that you give the newly wed couple money
    as gift, so that they can mainly pay for the wedding ceremony and
    everything. And what is left can fund their vacations of whatever they want
    to fund. Maybe save them for their childen. Why would you give them a pot
    or a kitchen appliance when they are already living together? Marriage is
    just a legal agreement that basically ensures them financially and a good
    excuse for a big party. Cash helps with the bills.

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