best lesbian movie ever THE WORLD UNSEEN Miriam & Amina – women in love and kiss

With best thanks to Lisa R. Ray & Sheetal Sheth for the most sensitiv movie of this genre. The chemistry of these two amazing women is overwhelming. Mit best…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

In their first episode Jessica and Lacey delve into the forbidden relationship topic. Shes hot, right? J&L talk candidly about what it feels like, what it me…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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  • สุยทรีย์ ประเสริฐอสภา  says:


  • KathyPussi08  says:

    ALso ich muss ehrlich sagen dieser film ist einer der besten den ich kenne und diese beiden schauspielerin passen so perfekt zusammen das es einen fast um haut. In echt währen die ein sehr schönes Paar!!! Thanks for this Video realy beautiful and the music is so perfec sorry für my englisch is not so good german is better ,)

  • tara snoopy  says:

    it is really really so nice, when you see them both have already the feeling of being in love with each other..feels so good..self tested!:*

  • Skilfingur  says:

    I also love this film so much…not only because Amina and Miriam make an unbelievable sweet cuple, but also because it gives you hope on living up to your ideals and wishes even if times seem so dark as they were during the apartheid period. It gives me hope everyday that I can manage to live this life and will be happy someday everyday a little more…because i think the little steps mean a lot to the persons who do them.

  • Chetan Kumar  says:

    nice !!! and important paart between two most beautiful lady

  • WisdomsDare  says:

    Nice. Thanks for posting this.. Is the actual name of the movie Mariam and Amina? Someone mentioned something about 2 movies? Would love to know! Thanks.

  • asianlnb  says:

    many fans are looking forward to all the beautiful movie starring LISA RANI RAY and SHEETAL SHET re-created again, especially after the a healthy of Lisa Ray is free of cancer disease … I really hope this can be realized immediately, to remove the sense of longing with both these gorgeous star.

  • Shennabelle Del Castillo  says:

    beautifull….lov dem both..

  • מורן סער  says:

    Beautiful video, thank you! I just wish these two will do more movies together….

  • b7jay357  says:

    Lisa&Sheetal always look great together. I wish they’d made more than two movies together!

  • Emanuel Datki  says:

    lovely ;) 

  • Maya Howell  says:

    Most beautiful movie really

  • pegasus78w  says:

    Thanks for your compliment. The music is the instrumental version of “Nur Sterne” (“Only stars”) from German female singer Juliane Werding.

  • leyton6969  says:

    Wonderful video… What music did you use?

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  • onanidaily  says:

    How would this issue be any different than any relationship regardless of orientation ?

    BTW -Jessica is gorgeous !!

  • lionsheartish  says:

    oh my god these two are going to watch this
    in five years and think it is so retarded. especially if they are broken up.

  • iamplaid99  says:


  • Karin D Roots  says:

    Understood but the party one is attracted to must wont them back,if not it is stalking an, it is possible such persons are in relationships with themselves. How can their be any room for extras….??? force never is sexy!!!

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  • leighn Coy  says:

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  • Katalina Wierzba  says:

    Both are beautiful.
    May the luck favors you!

  • theresabeidee  says:

    hab genau das gleiche gedacht. einfach vier Monate später.

  • HorsesandTennisGirl  says:

    Is it normal if u see someone hit on ur girl and u atttack?

  • Ayebatonyeseigha Christ  says:

    Left girl is hot, to shay she’s lesbian

  • poorsurvialest  says:


  • twiztidldg  says:

    Wish i can find a good winya nd have a good relationship that would. Be nice. Maybe

  • SmooothPixels  says:

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  • Scampergirl  says:

    Speaking of assholes, shouldn’t you just come out of the closet and get it over with? Studies do indicate extreme fascination with homosexuality indicates that someone is quite possibly GAY! Soooo….welcome to our world! Although we are a bit sad that you are intellectually challenged. Oh well, it IS the rainbow!

  • starryian007  says:

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  • curious1004  says:

    I just saw ” A Perfect Ending” with Jessica Clark….and wow, she is just beautiful!! I am a married 53 year old with 2 kids, and I wish I had made different choices back in my twenties…sighs. I think women loving other women is such a natural thing, we just fullfill eachother in so many ways . I was born 25 years too early.

  • wassytrini  says:

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  • Scampergirl  says:

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  • Nahum77100  says:

    “”CHRISTJESUS”‘((loved us)), died for us, rescued us from the agony of death!!!.

  • otaliafan09  says:

    how you know that

  • TruthofDilly  says:

    I like you two together, I hope I find what you have one day. You’re BOTH HOT btw xxx

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