best lesbian movie ever KYSS MIG Kiss me WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT Mia & Frida – women in love and kiss

With best thanks to Ruth Vega Fernandez & Liv Mjölen for one of the most romantic movies of this genre. The chemistry of these two amazing women is overwhelm…

20 comments to best lesbian movie ever KYSS MIG Kiss me WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT Mia & Frida – women in love and kiss

  • Jürgen Tusche  says:

    “Des Herzens größte Freundin ”  ist die Demut.

  • cy lea  says:

    i love this movie! speechless…*-*

  • ebramos574  says:

    I watch this movie so many times eventhough I dont understanding. I need an english version. LOLS!

  • finn1204  says:

    the best lez movie ever! I love everything about it. The storyline,the cast, the music, just perfect! I watch it again and again and can’t seem to get enough.

  • r.andrea  says:

    I’m completely in love for this movie…

  • meme love  says:

    I cried and laughed when I watched this. I’m not yet supposed in this kind of love but I fell for it. I’ve related myself in the movie. I fell in love in this movie, indeed.

  • RoomInRome80  says:

    Both ladies are lovely! Their acting is so authentic and they have such a natural beauty! <3

  • pegasus78w  says:

    “With every heartbeat” – in Swedish original title “Kyss mig”

  • LIsann1971  says:

    Can someone tell me what the name of this movie is?

  • yuyacole  says:

    amor a primera vista

  • Sara Gonschorek  says:

    it´s so beautiful…thanks pegasus78w :) it makes my day…

  • er500agmail  says:

    I watch the film again and again. I can´t beliefe, that the actors are no lesbians. There is so much magic between them!!!

  • jhemzc12  says:

    I have watch this movie twice..and it is still amazing…the leads were amazing..

  • er500agmail  says:

    Ein sooo wundervoller Film, sehr schöne Musik, zum Mitfühlen, mitlachen, mitweinen. mitleiden und mitfreuen!!! DAAANKE für diesen Film!

  • pegasus78w  says:

    It´s the instrumental version of “My love” from Celine Dion (written by Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes).

  • sapjiesj  says:

    What is the title of the song?

  • pegasus78w  says:

    That´s what I said: this movie makes your heart speechless.
    The most genuine movie of htis genre ever. Pure love.

  • ya0706  says:

    Omg… I can’t believe I watched this and cried… I haven’t even seen the movie yet!!! Defo gonna watch it!!

  • pegasus78w  says:

    This movie makes your heart speechless.
    One of the best movies of this genre ever.

  • AK MCGRATH  says:

    TY for the vid..from USA ^_^

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