Battlefield 4 “Turning Her Lesbian Story” (Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay BF4 SG553 1080p)

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25 comments to Battlefield 4 “Turning Her Lesbian Story” (Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay BF4 SG553 1080p)

  • ThePwnstar4hire - Gaming Variety  says:

    There are just things in your sub box that make you realize its a Pwn video
    yeah? Hey guys, thanks for hitting 2000 Likes yesterday lets try and smash
    it again. Once you go pwn, you go gay. Obv. New Let’s Play channel open
    here too, many have been asking the return of things like Skyrim Minecraft
    Smite and LoL so here it is, more info coming to my channel soon! Get in
    before its cool :P

  • Paul F  says:

    I am straight. I live in the San Francisco bay area, I play Battlefield,
    poorly. Your story is why I learned to wear metal bolt on underwear. It
    chafes a little. But it is worth it.

  • John Perez  says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the end of the story.

  • Jacob Bruce  says:

    I am totally using talking shit to the guy’s outfit to defend myself from
    buff gay dudes. 

  • serena180  says:

    lesbian bashers killurselves ur a stain on the world that needs to b
    removed u dont like lesbians cause u cant have us i say to dam bad our
    bodys our lives people that bully lesbians need a high heel to the balls

  • sebastian reina  says:

    OMG get countered PWN! Lol

  • needspeedboy33  says:

    wow…amazing story, lol D:

  • Allard Biggenvanger  says:

    you shoud swing you’re dick around his neck and start em up like a
    big gay al ..

  • serena180  says:

    also men together gay ewww but i dont consider lesbians gay i consider it
    lesbian a fa1g guy calls me ga1y ill high heel kik in his balls

  • scout2wolf  says:

    Haha diagnosis him with ugly wardrobe. Missed you pwn!

  • serena180  says:

    lesbians are hot sexy normal and natural and so right and we are best at
    cod and battlefield 4 glad shes lesbian stupid guys deserve nothing but
    death which is y im girl on ghosts to and i kill guys with no mercy i
    stopped playing bf 4 it never worked right froze alot wouldnt load alot and
    people hack online shot some one head on they didnt die cheater crap im a
    lesbian and a lesbian gamer ur story annoyed me she hugged the guy ewww

  • JITCY9107  says:

    After this story all I can say is….

    Ha GAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  • Peleg bs  says:

    yes gay people are normal people

  • Aaron Noori  says:

    hahahahahah niggga u gay

  • Cowgoesmoo2  says:


  • JaHGamingINC  says:

    Dem Battlefield references in there haha

  • mofro415  says:

    Dude Pwn you’re a Ohioan right? Just finished watchin your vid on “sexual
    prowesses” ( red eye story about made me fall back into my machine at work
    I was laughin to damn hard ) and this one. Curious on a scale from 1 to
    pretzel just how salty would you be if red eye came back cuz I’d sport that
    shit like it was my job. Anywhore these vids got me thinkin if you’d know
    what I was talkin about if I said the chicks from the
    Streetsboro/Ravenna/Mantua area are freaks!

  • Bryce Marsh  says:

    PWWWWWWN MORE STORIES!!!!!! Plllllzzzzzzzz

  • Adam Bertlin  says:


  • Paul Muad'dib  says:

    just goes to show, you don’t have to be any kind of person to be LBGT :) 

  • Christian Logan  says:

    Whenever I’m depressed I just watch one of you videos and I’m happy

  • Emmanuel Sedano Ramirez  says:

    Lmfao! Funny ass story! I like your stories man. Keep it up.

    And that’s fuckin true, straight men do NOT watch American idol!! Lol

  • lilsmallman215  says:

    Lmao… This video was too funny 

  • Jacob Rohr  says:

    Loved the ending Pwn!! 

  • DerDerpGamer  says:

    Like because gay

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