Ask the Femmes: Femme x Femme Relationships

Ask the Femmes: Femme x Femme Relationships

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4 comments to Ask the Femmes: Femme x Femme Relationships

  • ButterflyAgape  says:

    It’s upsetting when straight males or stud/butch women are disrespectful of
    fem on fem relationships. I see it all the time in my relationship. So it
    kind of makes me feel like I have to be more stern than normal when my one
    approaches either of us. I agree with you ladies I do think even the lgbtq
    community follows heteronormative roles. So when people don’t fall into
    that category it stands out. I also agree that it is a lot more difficult
    to not assume to feminine women in a relationship aren’t just friends when
    you first see them.

  • Laviolet Brown  says:

    I’m a fem and I only have a natural attraction to other fems. I think it’s
    a beautiful thing. 

  • FabFemmeTV  says:
  • MsKaiTV  says:

    I prefer to date femmes but it is really difficult to find other femmes
    interested in femmes. I’m open to any woman I’m attracted to at this point
    in my life, but I remember what it was like when my choices were limited.
    It seems to be so taboo. I would hear femmes say “I could have sex with
    another girl but not be in a relationship.” I say that to say, it’s not
    only the outsiders (studs, men) with the discrimination but femmes too. I
    don’t know why it’s like that. These days I just avoid low level thinkers,
    ignore ignorance and decide none of it is worth my time. As far as femmes
    in relationships now being respected, I imagine that it’s not any easier
    with time. It’s unfortunate. 

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