ADVERT: “Get up-to-date” – Microsoft (featuring wedding by lesbian couple)


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25 comments to ADVERT: “Get up-to-date” – Microsoft (featuring wedding by lesbian couple)

  • ferit tark  says:

    love this ad

  • Katarina D.  says:

    Share Love.

  • muhamad lhutfie  says:
  • Jyvi  says:

    it would probably get banned

  • scissorscontacts  says:

    I have seen it on Hulu while watching an episode of “Suburgatory”.

  • iwatchthemvideos  says:

    anyone know the name of the song?

  • mn m  says:


  • SYED SHABBIR Ahmed  says:

    Macklemore – can’t hold us

  • Blazer George  says:

    Has this been shown on tv yet?

  • thelesbiandoll  says:

    They aren’t shoving anything down your throat.

  • Megan Bento  says:

    No. =.= My mother wore a white suit for her wedding to my dad too. You wear
    what is most comfortable for you.

  • ViridianSinsemilla  says:

    What a lovely advertisement!

  • Jiggly JelloJay  says:

    There is nothing wrong with this commercial. They are trying to make a
    point that being in a same-sex marriage or relationship is normal and not
    some weird, new trend or something. Most humans have been gay for thousands
    of years. It dates all the way back to ancient Greece and it may even go
    back farther. I believe that the homophobes are the ones that are closeted
    and afraid of their own feelings. You’ll never be happy if you can’t accept

  • Nathan Warford  says:

    most lesbian couples i’ve seen don’t have a butch/femme dynamic. in most
    cases, both women are just as feminine as any straight woman. for example,
    the woman in the suit had long hair

  • Harukox33  says:

    They’re not shoving anything down your throat, or are you offended by a
    usual marriage?

  • CheeseyPie12  says:

    Ok, that makes sense. But we still haven’t solved the mystery of which one
    is the butch and which one is the femme of the lesbo relationship!

  • keller wilamson  says:

    O.o wait how isn’t this controversial ? But a fucking Cheerios one is -_-

  • TheLesExit  says:

    XD POLITICAL VIEWS? Just two people in love getting married :3 It’s a nice
    commercial. I’m glad more people are embracing homosexuality as normal and
    not treating it like some disease we need to protect our children from

  • secretagentgenius3  says:

    It also violates laws of nature itself. Un normal marriages cannot
    biologically procreate, creating if present in non-rational species a one
    generation doorway to extinction. But contrary to what people supporting my
    views of natural marriage may some times think. You do not have to hate the
    in order to get this reality into thick heads who want oppose their
    parent’s conservativism.

  • pbandjay05  says:

    lol no kidding. i think that’s awesome of MS to do that personally. it’s
    pushing the metaphorical envelope. you can even say they ‘think
    differently’. i don’t see any gay couples in apple commercials, do you? 8P

  • 1idd0kun  says:

    Great ad. “Get up-to-date,” huh? Too bad I can’t accept Microsoft’s new
    softs as easily as I accept homosexuality. lol Still, that couple looks
    lovely. Sad there are so many homophobic comments here.

  • secretagentgenius3  says:

    I doesn’t matter what you think. Im can tell people that homosexuality is
    wrong just as much as you can say it is right. Except I’m going to do it
    without cursing, hating, and etc. like all you pro-un normal marriage

  • Tara Bunch  says:

    dat is gay

  • Kaz Winchester  says:

    Fucking homophobic comments, small minded ignorant hillbillies, 21st
    century my arse. Beautiful advert btw.

  • Michael B  says:

    I am sickened that corporations feel the need to shove their political
    views down our throats..

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