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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Lesbian Love  says:

    The Cutest @ellosteph ever! Hanging with this adorable couple. 

  • ElloLove  says:

    Love you both so much! Can’t wait for all the double dates :) 

  • shola ayisha  says:

    Ahh!! Am I the only one that cant get over how beautiful Chrissy is like

  • MsWingzy  says:

    More vlogs with Steph and Madison please!!! So excited to see you all are

  • Lee Jane   says:

    Beautiful souls inside and out girls.

    Just love watching you guys. You make me smile.

    Love love

  • Charlie The King  says:


  • Zarjet Carter  says:

    yaaay i just subscribed to this channel and got addicted watching your
    vids. i hope that’s normal. lmfao

  • Rich Photography & Art  says:

    i know who the man is

  • Daily scars  says:

    Does anyone know if there is any lgbt centers in Chicago, I’ve been looking
    for a long time. or at least something for someone suffering with gender
    identity and sexuality? Even a phone line or website would be great! If
    anyone can help me out let me know! :)

    Great video ladies <3

  • Charlotte Brown  says:

    I love u Bria and Chrissy I watch all ur blogs everyday and u make my day
    every time I love u xxx ❤️❤️❤️

  • jess d  says:

    Absolutely beautiful! So great to see people making massive positive
    changes in the world. ❤️❤️ very proud!!

  • Helga Christina  says:

    ello steph & madison <3

  • Abbie Flavell  says:

    You two and Steph and Madison are my fav youtubers :D 

  • Jeanne Klock  says:

    So grateful and excited for you GLBT Center involvement. Your passion for
    human rights shared through your vlogs, music and advocacy is making a
    difference already. Your desire and commitment to be a voice for youth is
    HUGE! Thank you Ladies. :) 

  • lisa love hewitt  says:

    A voice through the darkness. You girls are an inspiration. X

  • Alyssa Azulay  says:

    Monster in a shoe awesome….

  • Sport11746  says:

    Chrissy is deadass Katherine Mcphee’s long lost sister!

  • Rebeka Villanueva  says:

    Y’all are relationship goals I hope y’all last for a long time!

  • Rachel Wiethoff  says:

    You are all so amazing and inspiring!! 

  • ashleymmo21  says:

    I wonder if y’all got to meet my friend Candace at that center.

  • Leo Neko  says:

    I wish there was a LGBTQ center or whatever in Rochester, NY. But there’s
    not. And I would so move to California if I had more money. I have a couple
    of internet friends who live in Cali. I was actually supposed to move there
    back in 2013, but shit happened and me and that person who bought me the
    plane ticket don’t talk to each other anymore. Cali is still on my Top 5
    places to visit, Germany and London being the first. :P 

  • Karoline Wilhelmsen  says:

    I cried when Bria talked about people that don’t have food, and that stuff
    bc I were in Nepal when the earthquake happened. Even though it was scary
    as hell and I’m still struggling with it mentally, I were lucky to get away
    with only a few bruises. I’m thinking about all the people who lost their
    home and family/friends, and don’t have food or water. Me and the rest of
    my school stayed at a hotel where we got food, water and a roof over our
    head. It felt so wrong leaving Nepal and going home to Norway where we are
    safe, while people in Nepal still aren’t getting food, water or a roof over
    their head. Even though we are doing our best to collect money to help
    them, it just felt wrong to leave Nepal and going home where we have
    everything we need, knowing that they’re still struggling..

  • Juan Rivera  says:

    Interesting video. Really would have liked to be in the mock court trial.
    Also, just curious what Chrissy and your friend/producer listened to.
    Anything really good?

  • Mercèdesse F.Bédard  says:

    Awesome vlog, like always! Very inspirational and my two favorite couples
    reunited!! Yay! :P Love you girls!!! ♥ ♥

  • jgibson111  says:

    You two are amazing. I enjoy your vids because they make me feel good and
    maybe even a little jealous. I’m a straight married male and, while I love
    my wife dearly, we just don’t have that connected, soul-mate, enjoyment of
    each other the way you do. May you spend many happy years together and in

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