99 Problems Getting Pregnant Ain’t One – Pillow Talk

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25 comments to 99 Problems Getting Pregnant Ain’t One – Pillow Talk

  • ich123binsimmernoch  says:

    OMG, seriously, I have no clue where all the lesbians in my town hide! And
    I live in a big city! The first time I actually saw some lesbians was at
    pride in my town (it was kinda lame tbh compared to Pride in Berlin or

  • maru flores  says:

    here`s one of MY lesbian problems
    been suscribed to Roseellenndix Roxetera Yourharto Briaand Chrissy, Kaelyn
    and Lucy Gay women channel and every fucking lesbian youtuber

  • Fernanda Nakanishi  says:

    Hahahahah come to Brasil ♡ 

  • Tiemi Tamura  says:

    Adrianna, come to Brazil, you can stay at my place… Or in my bed, if you
    want ;) 

  • tamara sosnitsky  says:

    68 jeniusss ! :D 

  • Kat Krause  says:

    Forgetting to clear your browser history on your family computer. That
    struggle is real. 

  • Davy Dave  says:

    Ref 48~Adrianna you’re too pretty to be a lesbian.

  • PTV4EVA  says:

    86 – When I came out to some of my friends one of them literally jumped up
    and started yelling “I KNEW IT!!!” over and over.

  • J Wesley Edwards  says:

    and….what’s so bad about Lost Girl??

  • GirlfriendsTV  says:

    lmao this is hilarious

  • Eveline Medeiros  says:

    “finding out all the hot lesbians living in Brazil” OMG I LOVE PILLOW TALK

    And that is a true, believe me, I’m from Brazil!

  • Duncandhu bruchette  says:

    99 lesbians problems???umh at least one of them is bisexual,so it doesn’t

  • RyanBurke116  says:

    I love Pillow Talk. It’s my favorite segment on the gay women channel.

  • Marina Godinho  says:

    True story about Brazilian girls <3

  • Hotaru T.  says:

    What’s a taco joke…? Should I know something I don’t know?!

  • Sophia Bahia  says:

    What lesbians are there in Brazil?

  • Gabriela Novaes  says:

    “Sleeping with Liam Booker” oh my god! hahahahaha. by the way, can you tell
    where the hell are those supposed hot lesbians that live in Brazil? Cause
    honestly, haven’t found one yet.

  • Luciana Ortega  says:

    Number 55 – All the hot lesbians live in Brazil. I LIVE IN BRAZIL!! Where
    are they? Going out now to try to find them!!
    This video is sooooo good. I have probably 80 of the 99 problems…

  • Isabela Sangiorgi  says:

    I’m a fucking lesbian and i fucking live in brazil (even though i’m young).
    I kinda want to confirm that all the freaking hot lesbians live in brazil,
    but that’s not true D:

  • j13peppers  says:

    My problem is that I binge watch The Gay Women Channel and then can’t stop
    thinking about Adrianna!! True story! Do you actually read all the

  • HeyyJessa  says:

    Like for Hartbig

  • Isadora Melo  says:

    “Finding out that all the hot lesbians live in Brazil”. That’s even more
    frustrating when you live in Brazil and you find out that all the hot
    lesbians are taken. Yep. Story of my life.

  • lanene93  says:

    omg! #62 its so me! with Ray Donovan I only watch it so i can see
    Shane/Kate. sad

  • Jade Arlow  says:

    having a crippling fear of dildos. oh man, i lost it at that one

  • jamnationable  says:

    ‘watching a whole season for that two minute lesbian scene’ man if that
    isn’t the realest shit

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