5 lesbian things I don’t understand

Me trying to understand dating in 2013 lol why are people flakes and not available to date when you are on a dating site?? Explain! omg im so confused…not …

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  • Breezy D  says:

    hey everybody, here are a few things i dont understand! lol

  • RogerwilcoFoxtrot  says:

    all but the bieber/bacon thing are pretty much common in heteroland, too

  • Serina JK  says:

    So don’t get into dating sites. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t know about
    that. Don’t try talking to women period, because you’re uptight as hell and
    need a few drinks before doing so. The “get up”? Yeah I said it!

  • Insidious Blank  says:

    “Butch” or masculine women who usually seek their opposites (“femmes” or
    feminine women) are hetero.They have likely internalized society’s
    requirement for there to be a man and woman in an accepted relationship. In
    doing so, they affirm and conform to society’s values. Both members are
    different (hetero) instead of being the same (homo). The only groups who
    qualify as true “homos” are the ones who seek out someone the same as them,
    ie a femme seeking a femme. It is very good that you don’t understand this,
    because one cannot understand why 1+2=orange. No explanation will suffice.
    There are irrational things about “gay” culture that are just wrong, and
    are not opinion, nor are they “OK”. In fact they are painful, and to people
    looking from the outside, they are ruinous. There need to be gay people
    eschewing “gay” culture and striking out as individuals. You are one of
    them, and as one myself I feel your pain. My heart is with you.

  • LostHappy7  says:

    So I guess I’m part of the 20% – I feel special

  • Breezy D  says:

    Ill send you my FB address, just not on here publicly…send me a private
    message that i can respond to. i tried to see if i could send you it
    already, but your youtube account doesnt have an inbox??

  • LostHappy7  says:

    Hmm – good to know

  • Toshie Nins  says:

    You really just seem to be complaining about your life.. You should focus
    more on making videos your followers/subscribers want to see..

  • Breezy D  says:

    @broskiskunk dont you ever come on my channel again and make comments
    towards my followers. if you do ill erase ever fucking one of them. Your
    kind of personality is not welcome on my channel or its comment board. fuck

  • emagorgeous  says:

    you’re talkin about the profiles so.. there’s a profile im interested in –
    your facebook profile. btw, i’m single and available and not from US so, no
    worries, i wont hitting on you and then tell you aaaanything from this vid :) i just think you’re cool and i can’t seem to find the cool gay breezy d
    on fb. just a couple of african-american guys/rappers. ha. oh, and i don’t
    look like justin bieber.

  • Rheanna Melendez  says:

    U r hot!!!!

  • Rin Shen  says:

    This hilarious video will help sort out why some women who like women will
    then want to dress like men. Search “Watermelon…” its by hartbeat

  • Breezy D  says:

    if by the 20% you mean femme then yes!

  • Janice Wurtz  says:

    Sry to hear that ur relationship didnt work out. :( And i totally agree
    with u on #4! Being bi myself, i dont understand how most of the lesbian
    community dresses like boys if they are a girl and want to be with a girl.
    Its much hotter with two pretty feminine women getting together. lol But
    just matter of opinion i guess. :P

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