3 Black Men Murder innocent pregnant white woman in cold blood! [race hate crime]

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) — 16-year-old Jerome Hamilton is one of three young men now charged in connection with the shooting death of 21-year-old Catherine …
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25 comments to 3 Black Men Murder innocent pregnant white woman in cold blood! [race hate crime]

  • lakechaney  says:

    Where is the black outrage on this? You don’t see it because blacks support
    these acts. Isn’t this one of those innocent black men that black people
    claim doesn’t commit any crimes. This is an example of what these black
    people do. Please protest these acts. These people commit these acts daily.
    Please protest!

  • Krakmxer .SAM  says:

    Thank God that bitch is dead. 

  • JOVANI Brown  says:

    They need to die

  • hannah60000  says:

    Victim card how do you know they murdered her because she was white. How do
    you know they have not attacked black people before her. The case is sad,
    but this false victimisation is just too much!

    The difference here though is these black men WILL go to JAIL, unlike if it
    was a real racist attack or the opposite with no racial intent, well we
    know how injustice system works in the west!

  • Jabari Ross  says:

    Stop being racist because you occasion folk where to lazy to pick cotton
    and when President JFK whose occasion got shot you raised the Nazi sign and
    where shouting praise the lord also I’m not saying there all bad a lot of
    occasions are kind. One last thing I want to say is some of the richest
    people are African american. Ex Oprah Winfrey Michael Jackson Morgan
    Freeman Michael Jordan and more.

  • Charlie Galatas  says:

    Another Google user just asked me for an example where a white person was
    “murdered” like Trayvon Martin. I don’t agree that Trayvon was murdered.
    After reviewing the evidence, I believe that Trayvon was attempting to
    murder George by bashing his head repeatedly off the sidewalk and that
    George acted (later than he should have) in self defense. Anyway, it sure
    didn’t take me long to find a horrific example like this where blacks
    murdered a white person.

  • B199aron  says:

    I swear, some people purposely seek videos like these just to make
    disparaging remarks. 

  • Melanie m  says:

    Steven, there is no difference between niggers and blacks..when shit hits
    the fan, their all niggers

  • Michael Garcia  says:

    Stinking assed niggers ,the scum of society. Those three primates should be
    executed at close range with a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. They deserve
    too be hung by the neck and beaten with baseball bats. Nothing but gang
    members and drug addicts. Kill em’ All !

  • jihanjae  says:

    Two African-American men were killed by a white West Virginia man on
    Saturday when he shot the neighboring landowner and his brother on an
    adjacent property in Barboursville.
    Rodney Bruce Black, 62, shot and killed Garrick Hopkins, 60, and his
    brother, Carl Hopkins, Jr., 61, with a rifle while the two men were
    inspecting a building on a piece of land that was newly-purchased by
    Garrick Hopkins and his wife. Both men were married and had children.

  • trucker5933  says:

    I can’t believe nobody can see what is actually happening. Black violence
    and criminal behavior is through the roof, whites are beginning to get
    pissed, the media is trying to hide it all and the government is wanting
    laws to protect minorities from whites while all the time allowing millions
    of illegals to flood into the United States and this same pattern is being
    practiced worldwide in WHITE nations only. It’s not white genocide, it’s
    reverse psychology. Everything is out of whack, the rubber band is
    stretched to the limit and when it snaps back, there will be a holy racial
    war waged across the US, Europe and elsewhere. When white people get
    pissed, people get fucked up. 

  • jihanjae  says:

    Enjoy THIS while you’re at it: A 35-year-old white man bludgeoned a
    26-year-old black female to death and then drags her body behind his truck!
    According the Orange County Sheriff’s office William Baker Bibb a Caucasian
    from Texas, killed and dragged Theresa Ardoin’s body a quarter of a mile
    down a road and threw her body in a ditch. Investigators said that Bibb
    confessed to the killing by beating Ardoin to death with a hammer, and then
    tying her body with a rope to his truck and dragged her to a sand pit.

  • Shune Hunt  says:

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    you need bath i bet you that trailer is the cave lol

  • Blake Herdlein  says:

    if white race was gone the us would be fucking africa like you monkeys

  • Blake Herdlein  says:

    fucking niggers

  • Melanie m  says:

    Dirty fuckin niggers..wait till they get to prison and their fellow niggers
    are making the “braid their hair” and pass in his young fresh ass around

  • Shune Hunt  says:

    Katy smith you are a cracker sub human that live on caves and fucks dogs to
    from Europe lol

  • tygaman89er  says:

    I don’t give a fuck about what y’all inbred pigskin niggas talking about
    below me, I stay high and serve dick to them white bitches hahaha..

  • Steven Smith  says:

    yea keep it up niggers half of your own race hate because of shit like !
    huge difference between blacks and niggers even chris rock said that ! you
    little piece’s of shit are in for a rude awakening !!! you fucks want a war
    your gonna get one !

  • giancarlo stanton  says:

    Your sons a fucking nigger pal.

  • Shune Hunt  says:

    Henry z flowler that right cracker get angry turn red lok

  • Shune Hunt  says:

    Steven smith do you know i am half native American and you white ape that
    live off the trailer and smells stinks like dogs on streets of Europe 

  • shaun walker  says:

    you can hold their hand…

  • shaun walker  says:

    you can hold their hand…..4 for the price of 3..

  • viking419  says:

    Stupid trash. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Taxpayers. What will you
    do if you got your way and whites were gone? Feed yourself!! Ha!!! You’d
    riot until you were all dead.

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