25 hottest lesbian and bisexual women!

The hottest and most beautiful lesbian and bisexual women according to me! :-) What do you think? Who do you like? Did I forget someone? Please comment! :-)
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25 comments to 25 hottest lesbian and bisexual women!

  • Peggy Sanchez  says:

    I love kate moennig, to the death i think she is perfect, i miss The L
    word, so much.

  • Clay Bryant  says:

    How in the livin’ Hell could they forget the hottest lesbian of them
    all,Margery Mains(Ma Kettle)?

  • Willie Lynn  says:

    Drew Barrymore, definitely wishful thinking…you forgot Beth Ditto…she’s
    a big girl, but she’s talented and hot…

  • karo12069  says:

    Joan Jett won’t face up to anything. Who is her bottom? She is one hot
    ROCKIN’ top!

  • kinbea culpepper  says:

    This list is a piece of shit!!

  • LezbeHonest KAY  says:

    You TOTALLY forgot P!nk!!!

  • Elphabaism1  says:

    I totally agree with your #1 Choice!

  • Beary Hug  says:

    evan rachel wood

  • ellafreak0604  says:

    2:58 that’s jordana brewster. wrong pictue.

  • Daniel B  says:

    Megan fox?? I don think so! Yes she had a kind of sexual scens with amanda
    seyfrid in a movie! But that was in a movie!! So that doesnt mean she is a
    bisexual necessary!! She almost has a husband!:|

  • ramana able  says:

    falling hard on kate moenning. damn

  • Robert Nodge  says:

    Most of them are true. I think you left out Cindy Crawford, Lucy Liu, Joan
    Chen, just off the top of my head.

  • Trinity Dani  says:

    Yes, definitly :D

  • Zariah Williams  says:

    @2:58, Is that Jordana Brewster?

  • Severus Snape  says:

    wtf. Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie, both bisexual? They would make a porn
    video that would make the world implode

  • Julia Hope  says:

    The very end chick was 100% true. I want her. She was so damn hot in the L

  • Licia Will  says:

    Is it okay if i like them all????? ;)

  • MinhThi Nguyen  says:

    No, Sam so hot and attractive!

  • MinhThi Nguyen  says:

    samantha ronson is so wonderfull! i love her! and linsay lohan is so
    beautiful. but i love samantha more!!!

  • ButterOnCorn  says:

    too old. After 25, a woman will have an old hands and feet appearance that
    grows older each year after 25

  • s.c  says:

    Meghan fox is gorgeous

  • msanfields88  says:

    Kathryn (Shane)….gotta love her androgynous look…

  • sara rocha  says:

    Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are so HOT

  • Les Bian  says:

    shane ♥

  • Saroj Yakami  says:

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    because he just got great at getting ladies. The guy went to the Master
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